How to increase CPC in Google Adsense

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Are you using Google Adsense to earn income on your website but CPC rate is very low. If you want to increase the CPC of your website in Google AdSense, then today's article is made especially for you.

Today I will share ten practical tips that if applied to your website will increase your CPC rate in Google AdSense. Now we will first know what is CPC?

what is CPC?

Simply put, CPC is the money paid for every click of Google Adsense. If you click on the ads that will be displayed on your website using Google Adsense, you will be paid a certain amount in return for that click. Google takes a certain amount of money from the company and keeps some percentage of it for itself and gives you some percentage for every click.  I hope the CPC issue is clear to you now. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Here are ten tips to increase your Google Adsense CPC. Let's get started.

How to increase the CPC of Google Adsense? Yes, the answer to this question will be given to you through post today.

Choosing The right niche

Before you start blogging, you need to start writing about a topic that Google offers the most CPC.  You can start writing about banking, gadgets, cryptocurrencies and health. Advertisers pay the most for these topics. If you want you can work with the mentioned keywords because Google has more CPC in these keywords.

2.  Optimize your content with more CPC keywords

Before writing an article, it is important to optimize the keywords with high CPC in that article. You will try to write articles with keywords that have more CPC. After a while, your CPC will continue to grow.

We all know that it is very easy to rank any website that works with long keywords. On the other hand, working with small keywords makes it very difficult to rank that website in the first place. If you can't rank your website articles, you won't get visitors from Google and you won't get any clicks in Google AdSense.  The more blogs you can bring traffic to, the more you can earn from blogs.

4. Targeting any country

Google AdSense CPCs depend on keywords as well as countries. If you get visitors to your website from these US-UK countries, you will get a lot more CPC from them. So any specific high CPC can work by targeting the country. But you will get much more CPC.

5. Platform

People usually judge websites with mobile tablets and PCs. Many times CPC varies due to the device. I'm noticing that clicking on the desktop often results in more CPC than mobile. This is why your website needs to be device friendly so that your web site can be visited with any device.

6. Using the Ad Review Center

Google usually sees what kind of ads will be displayed on your website in the Ad Review Center. From here you can control the ads. If you wish, you can block ads that are not relevant to your website from here. Doing so will show relevant ads on your website which will automatically increase the CPC of your website.

7. Ad placement and size

The CPC of Google Adsense often depends on the ad placement and size. You can try different types of ads on your website until the CPC on your website increases. If you can place the ads in the right place and determine the right size, the CPC of Google Adsense will increase on your website.

8. Showing relevant ads

Make sure you see relevant ads on your website.  If you set up your website related ads on your website, you will see that the CPC in your website will increase with Google AdSense. You also need to write an SEO friendly article so that Google understands what your website is posting about. That's why you can see on our website how to write an SEO friendly blog article in detail on our website we have already discussed.

9. Using language

CPC in Google AdSense has some influence on the language. For example, in English language CPC is given more but in Bengali language and Hindi language CPC is given less. Therefore, if you want, you can write articles with more CPC in English. By doing this, your CPC will increase.

10. To experiment

You can check the ads of different sizes on your blog by sitting in different places and see which type of ads Google gives the most CPC. Also make sure that the template you are using is responsive and user friendly. Your website template is Responsive, which will automatically increase your website's CPC. Moreover, your website can be accessed with all kinds of devices.


So here are ten tips to increase Google AdSense CPC. Hope you like it. You can get the desired results by following the tips mentioned above. Ways to increase the CPC of Google Adsense. Which I have discussed so long above. So if you want to increase the CPC of the Google Adsense of your website, then you must follow the tips above.

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