most important wordpress plugins (7 important plugins for WordPress)

most important wordpress plugins (7 important plugins for WordPress)

Assalamualaikum friends how are you all hope you are well inshaAllah I am also very good so today I came up with a new post in front of you I hope those who are on the website or blogger will benefit them and of course: read the whole post our topic today: here are some of the best plugins for wordpress site Very important and urgent and what these plugins do will bring all the future. I will discuss with you. I hope everyone will benefit and you can use it for free. If you want to buy with paid money, you can buy paid versions.

There are many people who create websites but do not install any plugins and it does not show all the beauty of your website. There are many different types of work done by one plugin but your website will work. No, you need to install one plugin for each task on the website. We will first discuss about the two essential plugins that are very important for a WordPress website and if everyone needs to use it then your website will not have any problem. So let's move on to our main discussion today.

Yoast SEO / Rank Math What are the two functions of this plugin

After creating the website, our first task is to index the web site in Google, so we have two best plugins for SEO. You can easily SEO your website through these. Currently most people are using these two plugins. You can use any one of these plugins together if you want. Can't use two plugins and these two are free version and paid version I used to use Yoast SEO plugin but now I am not using this plugin because it will completely destroy your website if you use GPL or Nulled version I plug Not to mention that if you use this plugin, you must buy this version and then use it because the free version has many problems. I have lost two of my own websites. I used the free version through this plugin.

Now let's talk about Rank Math. Rank Math. Does this plugin work? If you use this plugin, you will get many benefits. This plugin has many futures that you can enjoy in the free version. To do SEO for your website: In the current free version you can do many things like Keyword Instant Index Tools. There are many more futures. You can try to make your website google show very fast and also highlight the different types of future of the website.

Future screenshot:

most important wordpress plugins, Here are 7 important plugins for WordPress website that everyone needs 2022

most important wordpress plugins, Here are 7 important plugins for WordPress website that everyone needs 2022

most important wordpress plugins, Here are 7 important plugins for WordPress website that everyone needs 2022

Wp Rocket What is the function of this plugin

If you have a WordPress website then of course you need to use this plugin I think you will not find a better plugin anywhere else This is a big problem if you write good content but your web page takes a long time to load. Because of this you will get very little traffic from Google and your post will rank low because Google will give those results before clicking on the results immediately. The page gets loaded if your web page takes time to load but you will lose the website traffic.

If you use this plugin paid version if you need paid version then let me know in the comments I will give you those who will reduce the page loading of your website maximum 1 to 2 seconds it can be a bit more but all the images that you upload to your website are automatically optimized. Will be and their original size will be out of that size that will make your image look clearer and the KB of the image will also be reduced is a great plugin I use myself usually you can use google speed checker to check the speed of your website first you go here Then analyze with the link of your website

If you put the link of your site here, you can see the speed of the site, then you can collect this plugin from anywhere and install it on your website, then you can set it off well. If you check your website again after giving all the settings correctly, you will see that the minimum speed has increased from 40 to 50 percent, then look at all the futures of this plugin and customize them well after installing the plugin.

Future screenshot

Table of Contents Plus What is this plugin used for?

This plugin will be useful for your users if you have a block website or if there is a website like this you can use this plugin because of using this plugin every time you use code in your post h1 some of these we use such codes To give a special hint, I will discuss a few topics in a post. To make each look better, I will enlarge the text. You will see that this system has been used in every post on our website. It will be the title at the beginning of your post

However, I will give you an example. You can see from there. You can also see by clicking on any post on our website. Below is the title of each article "What we will learn from today's article" and if you click on any of the articles there will bring you directly to that discussion. If you type in a keyword and do a Google search, it will immediately show your website because the code you used is a title but at the beginning of the post.

What is the function of Wp Statistics plugin

This plugin will be best for those who want to see the visitors on their website. I would say that you can see from Google that visitors are only from Google to your website, you can see them in Google search console. But you can't see it in Google search console, it only shows Google's results, you can't see results anywhere else, so if you want to see all the results, you set up the plugin on your WordPress website.

You can get this plugin for free and go to your website and from there go to your admin panel and go to the plugin store and search Wp Statistics then you will get this plugin and you don't need to set it up. Everything and what post visitors are reading on your website How many visitors are currently displaying your website Everything you can see Live To view it just go to your website admin panel you can see below or click on admin panel menu bar to see for yourself The point is, you can get a good idea of ​​where your visitors are coming from, and you can see everything, including the IP addresses of the users you have, if you want to block any user with this plugin.You can

Future screenshot

What is the function of updraftplus backup plugin

This plugin is a great plugin that allows you to keep a backup of your web site so that you do not have to go to cipanel. You can keep breakups on your website from admin panel of your web site. You can use this plugin for free. Those who have some problems with the website will always keep a backup of the website because if there is any problem then you can upload it again and make your website like before. You can find and install this plugin from the plugin history of admin panel of your WordPress website.

There are many systems for backing up everything on the website. In this plugin if you want to backup only the themes of your website then select the theme option before breakup and you have to set here what you are going to take the bakers. If you go through Google Drive, you can see in the settings there is an option called Google Drive. There you can select your email address from there. If you want to backup anytime, just go to this plugin and just click on backup. Will go to Drive and from there you can download: Hope you understand this plugin.

What are the functions of WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click Plugin

As you can see from the name, many of us are blogging, but those who are new to it may not have the same experience as everyone else, so it takes two or three days to index it after posting on the website and they want help from different people. I will index the posts soon. My posts are not being indexed. You may not have to say that our Bangladeshi public kills anything they find, so many people copy content from many websites which is very easy to do, just copy the content automatically by pressing on the content. You can turn it off if you want. It can be done on all sites, but I will only suggest a plugin for WordPress. You can try it.

No matter how big the thief is, no one will be able to copy your explicit from here and after installing this plugin it will start working on your website. Go to the admin panel of the website and find out the plugin story and search there

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

Then install it on your WordPress website and then see if any of your posts are not going to be copied and no one will be able to copy it. There will be no problem because of this. You can use this plugin with confidence. Many people are using this plugin. About 100,000+ ‌ This plugin is active on the website. Those who have problems with their content or someone else is copying your content.

Last word

Hope you like the whole post then be sure to share the post with your friends and let them know about any of the plugins on the website and if there is any mistake you must leave a nice comment in the comment box I will try to fix it next If you need any help in time, please let us know in the comments and we will try to publish a new article about it on our website. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy and visit our website regularly. Thank you all for staying with the website.

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