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7 Ways to Protect Your Phone from Hackers.

In today's world the use of smartphones and the internet has increased just as the incidence of hacking by hackers has increased. People rely on technology so they need to be aware of the use of smartphones and internet over time or else hackers may lose control of all smartphones along with personal information.

So all smartphone users need to pay special attention to the first few things to ensure data security. Today I will tell you some special strategies to keep your smartphone safe so that you may never be a victim of hacking.

Here's how to protect your smartphone from hacking -

Software Update-

People who use older OS versions of their phones have the highest risk of their smartphone being hacked. This is why smartphone makers update their systems from time to time to avoid cyber attacks. So to protect personal information or data, every smartphone user should update the OS version of the phone. This is the first step to protect the security of the phone. To update the OS software, go to phone settings and click on software update version.

Password Protection -

Also keep the password protection system of the smartphone on for hacking or other security of the phone. In this case, you can choose pattern lock, password lock, face lock and numeric password instead of just swipe as a lock on the smartphone. Use unique letters or numbers when using passwords. Using a password on a smartphone is difficult to hack.

APK file-

For the security of the smartphone, refrain from downloading the APK file, as most of the APK files are not certified, so it is very easy to hack the smartphone through the APK file.

Third Party Appstore -

Google Play Store for Android, Apple Store for Apple These are Certified App Store, if you want to download any app, do it from Certified App Store. Because there are various third party app stores from which if you download the app hacking apps can be installed on your smartphone without your knowledge. As a result, your valuable information will be passed on to hackers without your knowledge, so refrain from downloading apps from any third party app store.

WiFi - Bluetooth - GPS -

WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, these wireless services should be turned off unnecessarily. Because hackers can easily hack your smartphone through these wireless services. So it is wise to shut down these services unnecessarily.

Wi-Fi usage warnings -

Many cafes, shopping malls, establishments have been offered free Wi-Fi service. Many users take advantage of those free Wi-Fi. Many people may not know that smartphones can be hacked to use that free wifi. Since many people use the facility of free Wi-Fi at the same time, if someone is able to enter the malicious code in that network, then the smartphone of all the users connected to that router will be hacked.

Uninstall old app -

Uninstall instant apps on your smartphone. Because all these unneeded or unnecessary apps occupy the space of your phone which may result in lack of space while updating the smartphone OS. I have already told you what is the problem if the OS of the smartphone is not updated regularly. So reduce the congestion of instant apps to protect your smartphone.

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