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 Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Friends of Techproen, I hope everyone is well. How do we make money from youtube today? How to get money from YouTube? I will discuss these topics in detail. Today's article is very important for those who are completely new to this subject.

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Please don't comment on those who know about this. Today's article is only for those who are new and interested in this subject. There is a misconception among many people that YouTube pays only for uploading videos from YouTube. Many people think that it is possible to withdraw money for development or cash from YouTube.

How true are these things if you are worried about these things? Then keep reading our today's article to the end! We hope you find the answers to these questions in this article. Don't waste time learning the details of these issues now. Although there are different ways to earn money online, one of the most popular ways to earn money online is YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube: YouTube is Google's own product. YouTube was founded in 2005. Within a few years, YouTube became distorted by Google, meaning that Google bought YouTube. There are different types of videos on YouTube. You will find almost all the videos on YouTube, whether you like it or not. Anyone can easily upload different types of videos on YouTube at any time.

Billions upon billions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. Even YouTube has billions of users. The population of YouTube is constantly increasing. You can even upload videos to YouTube for free. Completely free YouTube company is giving him the opportunity to earn money. Most people who are interested in making money online prefer to make money from YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube?

Income from YouTube: Now if you want to earn money from YouTube, first you have to create an account on YouTube. And in order to earn money, you must create a channel first. Suppose you have created a channel on YouTube to earn money. Now you can upload videos to that channel if you want.

But don't think that YouTube will pay you if you upload videos to YouTube. This misconception is found among many who are completely new to the subject. However, if you want to start earning money from YouTube, you need to create a channel on YouTube and upload videos there regularly. And video content quality must be within YouTube's rules and regulations.

Because if you act in violation of YouTube's rules and regulations, YouTube will not want to pay you. So of course you have to upload videos on YouTube according to their rules and regulations. Now many may be wondering, when will I be able to start earning money from YouTube? Usually if you have this question then the answer I will say is that,

There are several conditions you must meet to earn money from YouTube. If you can meet their YouTube requirements, you can start earning money from YouTube. Usually you have to turn on YouTube channel monetization to earn money from YouTube. This means that if you can turn on your YouTube channel monetization, you can start earning money from YouTube.

Income on YouTube Monetization?

Income: You need to monetize your channel to earn money from YouTube. Now YouTube has a number of conditions for monetizing your channel. You can apply for monetization if you meet these conditions. If YouTube accepts your application, your channel will be monetized. And you can start earning from YouTube.

Conditions for monetization from YouTube: 1 You must have a YouTube channel at number one where there are many videos. 2 videos must be completely own, copy-paste or upload someone else's content to your own channel. 3 No copyright claims or copyright strikes on your channel. 4 You must have 4000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel in at least 12 months.

And besides, your YouTube channel will get 1000 subscribers within 12 months. If you can meet these conditions, you can apply for monetization on YouTube. When your conditions are met, you can apply for monetization if you want. Once the monetization of your YouTube channel is on, you can start earning money from YouTube.

How to actually withdraw money from YouTube?

Withdraw money from YouTube: There is a misconception among many people, is it possible to withdraw money from bkash or cash account on youtube? Adabe and you may know that YouTube is not a Bangladeshi organization. And this development cash rocket etc. account Bangladeshi. Since YouTube is American, it does not support these. But you can withdraw money directly from YouTube through any country's bank account.

Except bank account of any country from YouTube, to withdraw money. Once a certain amount is added to your account, you can withdraw money from YouTube. In order to withdraw money from YouTube, you usually need to have at least 100$ in your YouTube channel, instead of money. This means that once you deposit 100$ on your YouTube channel, you can easily withdraw money.

The last word about the article?

Dear friends, today we, how to make money from YouTube? We have discussed how to make money on YouTube. Although most people know about these topics. But there are some beginners who do not know the exact facts about this subject. We have created this article for them only today.

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