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 Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Online, How to make money by creating your own website? Today we will try to know the details about this subject. Although most people nowadays know the matter. However, as far as I know on techproen, this article is for those who are new to this subject.

So please refrain from those who are experts in this matter. How to make an income by creating your own website? How to make money online by creating your own website? In today's article we will discuss this topic step-by-step. So let's find out now friends, how to make income by creating a website yourself? Details about this!

What is the website thing?

Website: See, for those who visit Techproen regularly, this issue may not be new at all! However, I will try to inform you about this from beginning to end. Website is a platform. Suppose you want to grow a crop, now you must have a place to grow this crop. And in this place you use or apply different kinds of things,

But you can harvest the right way! Meanwhile, the website thing is just like that. Different types of content on this web site can be videos or articles. There may be different types of photo images and there may be many more. You are reading this article like me on Techproen. This is how the qualities of a website are.

Techproen is a very popular platform online. Although I don't tell you anything about Techproen now, you know the details. In order to earn money by creating a complete website, you need to create a website properly. If you don't need such a thing to grow crops. In the same way, on the other hand, you need different things for a website. By creating a website in a complete way, anyone can easily earn income.

There are many types of platforms. Yes there are different very popular platforms available for creating websites. One of the most popular platforms today is WordPress. In WordPress, it is possible to create any kind of self-made website. While there are many more types of platforms for creating a website, the WordPress platform is a little different than other platforms. Anyone can easily create a website in WordPress.

What are the requirements for creating a website?

Website Building: If you want to create a complete website, you will need a variety of things. However what you need depends on the platform where you want to build a website. Another popular website or platform for creating websites is Blogger. Give Blogger you will be able to create a very good website.

Meanwhile, WordPress is a very popular website for creating websites. But if you create a website in WordPress, you will need a lot of things to create a complete website. On the other hand, it is possible to create a website through Blogger. However, there is no need to create a website on Blogger. So now we know what is usually required to create a website.

1. A platform will be needed to create a website. (Where you will create the website)

2. To make the website work or to enhance the beauty of the website, of course a theme is needed for the website.

3. Hosting is required for the website or of course the website. Without hosting the website has no place or space.

4. Domains are usually required for a website, because the name of the first domain that will be given to you by default will not be to your liking. The name of the website is so beautiful.

5. It is usually possible to create a complete website by simply doing the above things. Although I have said before that one type of platform requires one thing.

So friends, I hope you have a clear idea of ​​what is usually needed to create a website. Anyway so far we have the website what will be the structure of the website? What are the requirements for creating a website? I hope everyone understands about these topics. Now let us know how to make easy income from website!

How To Make Income From Website?

Money Earnings: When you create a complete website, start earning your website income. Of course you have to work with a medium in which you want to earn income. Most people publish articles on the website, earning money from Google Adsense with the approval of the website. Although there are other ways to earn money from the website.

However, if you want, but by adding your website through Google Adsense, you can easily earn income. Now maybe or many may say, how to make money from Google Adsense? And how to raise money? Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ..... Friends, I have previously published articles on these topics. However, if you missed the article, you can see the articles in my profile for details. Now let's find out in a nutshell!

How to make money from Google Adsense?

Income: If you want to make money from Google Adsense, submit some articles to your website for review. However, if everything goes according to the terms and conditions of Google Adsense, your website will be approved or your website may be rejected. If your website is approved, you can place various types of ads on your website through Google Adsense.

In this way, but if you want, you can earn money by using different types of ads, that is, by showing ads on your website. You can apply directly to the AdSense platform of your website. So let's try to find out in a nutshell, friends, how to withdraw or withdraw money from Google Adsense?

How to withdraw money from Google Adsense?

Withdrawal: If you want to withdraw money from Google AdSense, you must first verify your Google AdSense account address. Google AdSense gives you the opportunity to verify your account address via a letter for only 10 10. So if you want to add 10 dollars to your account, you can easily withdraw money.

When your account is verified, that is, the address is verified. Then immediately but do not send your money to the account. You need more money to withdraw money from Google Adsense.With a total of 100$ in your Google AdSense account, you can easily withdraw money. Usually Google sends money through your bank account for only 100$.

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