What is On Page SEO? And   talking about on page seo is not enough to use in a blog article. This means that when it comes to On Page SEO techniques, it is very important to use a complete blog or website.

So if you want to build your own successful blogging career then you should not have a little / half knowledge about SEO. You need to have a thorough knowledge of on page SEO if you want to get more visitors or traffic to your blog from Google search engine or any other search engine.

You all know that using on page SEO technique we can optimize our own or Bayan's blog or website and blog articles nicely for Google search engine. As a result, blogs or websites have the opportunity to get a lot of visitors or traffic.

So let's find out from below  what is On Page SEO ? Or find out who says what and which blogs I can do SEO optimization.

what is On Page SEO?

In today's age of competition it has become very difficult to build a successful career for blogging. Because, at present, visitors are easily getting thousands of good content on any subject, tofic or niche on the internet.

Therefore, if you are   not careful about search engine optimization , then it will be difficult to get visitors or traffic from Google search on the blog.

So if you research keywords and write good unique content and use the right SEO techniques then you can get good amount of traffic from Google search. Remember, the better On Page SEO you can do, the more likely you are to get visitors from search engines.

Basically, the job of on-page SEO is to optimize the content of your blog or website for search engines through various means. And these optimized techniques are limited to just blogs. And seo techniques that are limited to this blog or website can be used and they are called  On Page SEO techniques .

This allows search engines to better understand the content, information and content of your blog. What is  On Page SEO ? Or what it means to have a better understanding of what SEO means.

What is SEO?  (What is SEO bangla tutorial)

SEO is called search engine optimization. SEO is actually a process through which any blog or website can use some optimization techniques to increase the amount of visitors or traffic coming to the blog or website from Google or other search engines.

Simply put, search engine optimization is a process where the content of a blog or website is optimized in such a way that any search engine can easily understand the keywords, topics or topics of your blog and blog articles.

As a result, Google or other search engines can easily understand when and where your blog articles should be displayed in search engines instead of any keywords and search terms.


Suppose you are writing an article on a blog what SEO means , in a word,  you are writing a complete article on  seo topics. Now the article is  what is SEO, what is SEO, SEO tips, on page seo, SEO Bangla tutorial  I have targeted all these keywords.

Now this is what you want if   someone searches Google or any other search engine with this keyword for your targeted  On Page SEO then this article written by me about seo is shown in Google or any other search engine.

In fact, seo is a process by which we can easily understand Google search engine or any other search engine. My article was written on the subject of SEO. As a result, we can easily get visitors to the blog from Google search or any other search engine.

But remember, if you do not use SEO properly in blogs and blog articles, then Google will not be able to understand the topic or topic of your article properly.  As a result, if you have good quality articles on your blog and the chances of getting traffic or visitors from Google search will be very low.

So if you come to 2021 and think about the success of blogging, then  what is On Page SEO  ? And  you  must know  how to do on-page SEO . Hopefully you can easily understand  how seo works .

How to do On Page SEO on a blog?

About 4-5 years ago from here, On Page SEO, we used to think of using a lot of keywords only in blog articles. I could easily signal Google search using this unlimited keyword in the blog article.

Besides, there is no need to do anything else. But now as the technology is improving, so are the search engine boats. As a result, in 2021, SEO should not be done using unlimited keywords in blog articles. This is called  over keyword optimization  or  keyword stuffing .

If you use unlimited keywords in a blog article, you will get penalized after 3-4 months even if you get traffic from Google first. Therefore, over keyword optimized articles will never show up in Google search engine again.

So on-page SEO means that the keywords associated with the blog article should be used in a limited way and in an important place. And it is called  SEO Friendly Article .

১. Optimizing content for search intent

On-page SEO optimization means   creating SEO friendly articles . But in 80% of articles on the Internet, you will find on page seo means to target different places in the article using keywords to inform Google.

This process used to work but now it will not work anymore. Because now the Google search engine bot has improved a lot.  So that you can easily understand what you are writing in the article.

Therefore, without using too many keywords in the blog, the user has to write a nice and detailed article by meditating on what the user wants to know through Google search. Now the question may come to your mind,

How to write an SEO friendly article?

First of all, you have to use different keywords, sentences, words and search terms related to the article in your blog article. Remember, I am writing an article about  What is seo in bangla  tofiq.

Now if you try to create an SEO friendly article using the keyword what is seo in bangla over and over again in different parts of the article then this is the biggest mistake of your blogging career in 2021.

This is because Google considers such articles to be low quality and over optimized content. As a result, there is no possibility of any traffic coming from Google search.

That's how I do article seo optimization

If I  write an article on the subject of SEO, I will  not use this keyword again and again, but I will use some related keywords in the article.

For example,   “SEO Bangla Tutorial”, “SEO Who says”, “How to do SEO”, “On Page SEO Who says”, “SEO Tips”, “Search Engine Optimization”, “Bangla SEO Course”, “Search Engine Optimization” "  etc. the use of these separate activities are separate.

If you can use some related keywords related to focused keyword then you will get 3 big benefits. E.g.,

# This will make it easier for other search engines, including Google, to understand your article.

# Since I have used various keywords related to seo articles, Google will have more chances to rank this article about seo in its search results.

# In fact, never use targeted keywords too often in the new SEO process, as this leads to over keyword optimization of the article and Google will never penalize the article you write.

2. Increase the page loading speed of the website

75% of us bloggers never worry about the page loading speed of a website. Many times backlinks to websites that take a long time to open.

There are many people like me, when I visit a slow website, I press the back button on my mobile and go to another page of search results. Moreover, Google itself and all these slow loading speed websites do not get better. Because, it takes a lot of time to open the website which is very annoying.

This is why the page loading speed of a website is now considered as one of the most important ranking factors of Google   .  Page speed is considered as an important and important part of on page seo.

So first check the loading speed of your website or blog. You can check the loading speed of the blog or website google page speed insightsgtmetrixtools pingdom You can use these tools.

You can check your website with gtmetrix, if the full loading speed of the page loading speed is between 2 to 3 seconds, then it can not be called bad.

And if the page loading speed takes more than 3 seconds, then you have to work for the loading speed. Because Google never likes a slow loading website. In addition, slow loading speed websites reduce the chances of 75% visitors from Google.

How to increase page loading speed of website?

You can manually increase the page loading speed of your website. However, for that you must use some speed optimization techniques. I will explain these techniques below.

# When uploading an image for a blog article, you must compress each image. This is why you are here compressjpeg.com You can use the website.

# Always try to upload images below 50kb when uploading images to blogs or websites.

# Use a good hosting company's hosting blog. Remember that the better the hosting server, the faster the pages will load.

# If you can, then you must use CDN (content delivery network). Using cloudflare  for CDN is  much more convenient.

# Always use clean, fast themes. If you use WordPress then you can use  generatepress, genesis framework, wpastra  themes. These themes are recognized as the fastest and best themes for WordPress sites.

# If you are using the blog using WordPress then you must use caching plugin.

# To make your WordPress website faster  ,  you can use any one of the plugins like WP Rocket, W3 Total cache, WP super cache, WP-optimize, WP fastest cache etc. I am using WP Rocket plugin for my WordPress blog.

Then you friends can also use some of these small techniques to speed up the page loading of your website. This is very important for on page seo.

3. Use of Focus Keyword Target

I have already said that the keywords targeted in the article cannot be used again and again. However, using targeted keywords in certain places in the article is very profitable.

So now the question is where to use the targeted keywords in the article?


  • First use keywords in the title of the article.
  • Now you have to use the keyword in the Permalink URL of the article.
  • Now in the first paragraph of the article you have to write the keyword at least twice.
  • The keyword must be used one to two times between the H2, H3 and H4 tags in the blog article.

In this way, using your target keywords in certain places in the article, you have to explain to Google search engine on which topic your article has been written. As a result, your content will be better search engine optimized.

4. Use ALT Tags in photos

When we use photos on blogs, Google doesn't really understand them. So if  you want to explain to Google about the photos in the article,  you must use ALT Tags .

The Google search engine can easily understand what the image was used for. This increases the chances of getting visitors or traffic easily from google search engine. Moreover, for on page seo, it is important to use alt tag in the image.

If you use your targeted keyword instead of this alt tag in the image then your article will be better seo optimized.

5. Try to write the best article in simple language

It is important to remember that the article you are writing is the best and most advanced of all articles. Because, there are thousands of information or content on the internet with the same toffee. Therefore, if it becomes difficult to read or understand your writing, then the visitors to the blog will return in a few seconds.

As a result, high bounce rate will have an effect on your blog article. Which is too bad for seo. Therefore, the articles you write should be written in a very simple language so that everyone can easily understand.

Moreover, always write in short paragraphs, it will be easy for visitors to understand and read. I have written such short paragraphs. The more time visitors read, the higher the bounce rate will decrease. This will rank the article in Google search engine.

Use internal links

You may see some internal links in each of my articles. If you notice, it is also inside this article. Internal linking of articles is the process of linking to another article related to the keyword when writing your own article  .


Suppose you wrote an article about blogging. Now if you have written any content about blogging before on your blog or website then you must give that link here. This will allow visitors to easily learn more about the same subject.

In the field of SEO, interlinking articles in this way is very important and beneficial. In this, seo link juice passes between the pages in the blog article and internal backlinks are created. Now hopefully  you  can easily understand what is internal link and how to do it.

Publish regular content / articles

But you have to pay attention to how many articles you are publishing on the blog or website every month. Because, Google always likes those who regularly publish high-quality articles.

That's why we have to try to publish at least 3 good articles a week on the blog. Moreover, those who publish 3-4 hours of content per month on the blog, Google does it in a low quality way. Google does not rank such low-posted blogs well in its SERP.

So if you want to get a good amount of visitors or traffic from google search engine, then you have to publish new content regularly on your blog or website.

It is important to pay attention to all the above issues regarding on page seo.

What we learned today

So friends, today we have learned What is  On Page SEO ? How to do on-page SEO  and more about seo. Remember that on-page SEO means optimizing your blog articles for Google or other search engines.

This increases the chances of getting more traffic or visitors from Google search engine. If you have any questions or suggestions about my article, please let me know in the comments below.