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Even if you use all the SEO techniques on your site, it does not mean that you must rank in Google.

Because if your site has technical SEO problems or is not correct then it is certain that you will not be able to rank.

And all your hard work on SEO will fail and your site will not be able to perform well on Google.

So what is this technical SEO? Today we will discuss this topic in this article.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is all about the content of your website or blog site except the content that you SEO.

To better understand this, we will use a shopping mall as our example.

Suppose you are building a shopping mall in a well populated city then you need proper architecture to design it.

This is because the parking facilities and the entry and exit places should be kept in the right place so that there is no difficulty in the vehicles and travel.

After that the navigation should be kept correct so that if anyone wants to go to the shop store on a particular floor, it can be done easily.

So for that you can keep maps of different floors or add different store locations according to the category.

In addition, the shopping mall space should be kept large so that it is not easily crowded and attention should also be paid to decoration and cleanliness.

It also has multiplexes for entertainment and a variety of food codes for chess.

Then you can understand how much you have to do for the mall designer. Again, just making a mall does not mean that the customer will come.

For that, stores and products of well-known and expensive brands of domestic and foreign good have to be kept and food and multiplexes have to be arranged.

Now your shopping mall is ready but to bring customers there you have to advertise through local newspapers or other means.

Now let's compare the whole thing of this shopping mall with SEO.

First comparison

The work you did for the design of the mall, such as construction, parking facilities, entry and exit routes, floor navigation, large spaces, and cleanliness are all part of the technical SEO.

This is exactly what we need to look for when designing our website.

For example, where is the hosting location of our site, what is the architecture of the site, how good is the navigation, what is the loading speed of the site, etc.

The second comparison

Now we can call all the shops or stores in your mall as content.

We can call on-page SEO how the interiors, ambience and various products in the shop are arranged .

Because the better you can organize or organize these things, the more people will notice and the sales will increase.

Just like we create blog posts or articles in a beautiful and specific way to do on-page SEO.

And we use keywords in different parts of the article to understand the keywords obtained through keyword research .

The third comparison

Now if you build a mall in a populated city or town then customers will naturally come to your mall.

But if that is not the case or if you want to bring more buyers to your mall then you need to do marketing.

Which we can compare with off page SEO such as backlinks , internal linking and social promotion.

So this time I hope that after comparing between this mall and SEO got different ideas about SEO.

And with that comes the realization that every step of SEO is important that I wanted to convey first.

So let's take a look at what comes up in technical SEO and how we do it.

What and how to do technical SEO

1. Page speed

Page speed is very important for any search engine and Google also gives more importance to this issue especially mobile page speed.

If the page speed of your site is slow then the conversion rate of the site will decrease a lot and the bounce rate of the site will increase.

And that can have a detrimental effect on your business and website rankings.

You can check the speed of your site with tools like GTMetrix or Google Page Insight .

And if you are a WordPress user then there are many WordPress plugins that can easily improve the page speed of your site .

2. Site structure or design

If the structure or design of your site is good and well organized then visitors will also like your site more.

And the more visitors want to visit your site, the more the search engines will like your site and help you rank.

A good design of a website means that the design of the site should be good so that it is easy to navigate.

So that visitors can navigate your site and search engines can easily crawl or index your site.

Choose a good theme for the right site designer and have a maximum of 5-6 main menus and 7-8 sub menus.

And be sure to create a simple and accurate navigation menu and add your site's main pages and categories to it.

3. SSL certificate

If your site does not have an SSL certificate, a message "Not Secure" will appear on the left side of the URL bar.

And if you have SSL certificate installed on your site then there will be a lock icon which when clicked will show “Connection is secure”.

SSL certificates convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS which enhances the privilege of your site visitors and customers.

They believe that your site is secure and their personal information will not be misused.

Now almost all web hosting companies provide free SSL and you can also install it on your site by purchasing separately.

4. 404 Error or Page Not Found

Suppose a page of your site has been deleted or you have deleted it for some reason.

In that case if someone visits that page then he will see 404 Errors or Page not found message.

If your site has 10 to 15 pages or posts then there is not much problem but if your site has 200 or 500 posts then 404 Errors can come.

Suppose you created a post and shared it on various social sites and did backlinks and internal linking.

Now for some reason if you delete that page such as any information is wrong or the performance of the post is not good.

Even then your post will get traffic from backlinks, internal linking and links shared on social sites.

And since you have deleted the page or post, it will show 404 Error. And visitors will leave your site immediately.

You can learn and control these issues from Google Search Console .

5. Broken link

If you have referenced other sites from your website or have backlinked another site.

And if the site being referred or backlinked deletes that post or page or the site itself is closed.

Then a broken link will start to be created on your site.

As the number of posts on your site increases day by day, so does the number of broken links on your site.

And more broken links on the site means that Google has an idea about your site that your site is referring to everyone invalid or incorrect content.

And that can cause problems for your website ranking as well as your Google AdSense.

There are many online broken link checker tools that will help you find broken links on the site.

Be sure to use these tools and find out the broken links of your site. Broken links are very important in technical SEO.

6. Mobile Friendly and Responsive Site

We all know that now people use mobile phone more than computer to use any website.

So your site must be mobile friendly to open quickly and responsive so that it can be used on all devices.

There are many such WordPress themes and plugins that can be used to create a mobile friendly and responsive site.

Google is focusing on mobile users, so make sure your site is mobile friendly.

7. Robots.Txt

Robot.Txt is your site's web robot text file that instructs search engine robots or bots to crawl some pages on your site and not others.

You can check the robot.txt of any site by adding /robots.txt after the URL of that site by searching.

And if your site does not have a robots.txt file, you can create and upload it to the root directory.

It allows search engine bots or robots to tell you which pages of your site need to be crawled and which ones don't.

8. Sitemap

Like robots.txt, you need to create a sitemap of your site and submit it to the Google Search Console.

Sitemap is in XML language which helps to find, crawl and index the content of your site.

You can use the WordPress plugin to create sitemaps and upload them to the robots.txt file if you wish.

Our last words:

So friends, I hope you now understand what technical SEO is and how important it is for our website.

If we do not pay attention to the technical aspects of a site then all the SEO done on the site will not be effective.

We have already discussed the various parts of our site SEO Bangla Tutorial which you can watch if you want.

If you like this article, please let me know in the comments and share it with others.

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