Easy way to earn money from YouTube

Easy way to earn money from YouTube

Many of us are confused about income from YouTube. Many of us don't know how to make money from youtube. Today I will try to remove these confusions from you. Today I will discuss how to make money from youtube. So friends, let's start without delay.

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1. Earn money from Google Adsense

Many people think that just viewing YouTube videos is really revenue. This is a completely wrong idea. Most of the revenue from YouTube comes from Google Adsense. Google will show ads on your videos and the more clicks you get on those ads, the more revenue you will earn. But if you want to get Google Adsense, you have to get monetization from YouTube. Again, YouTube has some conditions for monetization. Let's take a look at the monetization terms of YouTube.

YouTube Monetization Terms: -

  • First you need to have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel.
  • Then you have to complete 4000 hours of watchtime.
  • Your videos must comply with YouTube's monetization policy.
If you meet these conditions, you can apply for monetization. Then YouTube will review your channel and pay if you like monetization. After monetization, YouTube will show ads on your videos and money will be credited to your AdSense account based on clicks and impressions on those ads. However, after receiving the monetization, you will get the money, but not. YouTube will first send an address verification PIN to your post office address upon completion of ten dollars in your AdSense account. You will need to provide the post office address. You need to verify the address by putting that code in your adsense account. Then if you have a hundred dollars in your account then you can add a bank account and YouTube will send money to that account. However, there must be a bank account through which international money can be transferred. Subsequently every month YouTube automatically transfers money to your account Will send This is how you earn money from YouTube through Adsense. Hopefully I have been able to remove some of your confusion.

2. Sponsor

After Google Adsense, another way to earn money from YouTube is through sponsorship. Some small and large companies whose products have not yet been advertised have advertisements or sponsorships to promote their products. However, the promotion of the product through sponsorship is much more. But for this, the content of your channel has to be very popular. Because if you are not popular, no one will sponsor you. The sponsoring company must have a system in place to communicate with you. If you get a sponsor, you can earn a good amount of money together.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Many people are currently earning from affiliate marketing from YouTube. Those who have a lot of views and subscribers to the channel but have not received monetization usually earn money through affiliate marketing. Currently Amazon is the most popular affiliate marketing network. Now the question is how to make money through affiliate marketing? First you need to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Marketing. You will then be given an affiliate link for each product. If someone buys a product from that link, you will get a certain amount of commission on that product. If the channel is very popular then you can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

4. Own business promotion

If you have a small business with a popular YouTube channel, you can promote your business through that channel. It is best if the business is based online. Own business you can promote your channel and earn money from that business. There are many who start small online based businesses and promote through their own YouTube channel. If there is good publicity then your business will grow slowly and the business will be established later. However, if you do not give good service along with publicity, your business will last longer. So promote good service through your small online based business youtube and make profit.

5. Super chat

At present it is not usable in Bangladesh. However, it is hoped that one day you can earn income from Bangladesh through Super Chat. For those who livestream, YouTube has the opportunity to make money through Super Chat. The question may be what is super chat? Many people chat live when it is streamed live. Due to the fact that many people are chatting at the same time, the livestream cannot reply to everyone's chat. However, through Super Chat, a visitor can write his own comment with some money which reaches directly to Livestream. As long as the visitor pays for the comment, the opinion will remain permanent and that comment will be highlighted in another color on YouTube. Usually those who live stream the game earn this way. Most of the money from Asha Chat is received by the channel authorities and some of it is left on YouTube. However, it is unfortunate that it has not been launched in Bangladesh yet. However, since PayPal will be launched in Bangladesh, so is Super Chat.

6. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is one of the biggest updates on YouTube in recent times. Many of us like to see tickling. Just as we watch short-length videos on tickets, we also watch short-length videos on YouTube shorts. You can also earn money through YouTube shorts. However, this feature is not usable in Bangladesh. Even if you have zero subscribers to your channel, you can earn money through YouTube Shorts. Even if there is no monetization on the YouTube channel. Now the question is how to make money through youtube shorts? If you upload shorts videos to YouTube, you will be rewarded according to your video views at the end of the month. However, the more views you get in the video, the more your reward money will increase. You can get a maximum of seven lakh rupees as a reward. Currently, many big channels are uploading shorts on YouTube. All you have to do is copy your copyright-free content. Again, you seem to be making big videos with difficulty No. You can earn money by uploading short videos on YouTube shorts like Tiktak. Now how do you get the money that YouTube will give you as a reward? YouTube will notify you via email when you will be rewarded. Then you have to claim it. After making the claim, it will be credited to your AdSense account. If you do not have an AdSense account, you will be asked to open a YouTube AdSense account. Later you can withdraw money from Adsense.

7. Shortlink

In the case of new channels, this could be a way to earn money from YouTube. There are currently many legit shortlink sites that pay for clicks on the link. Now the question may be what is a shortlink site? Shortlink site is a type of site where big links are shortened. When we copy a link to a website, it looks too big and looks bad. So the links through these sites are shortened. There are some sites that will pay you to click on the shortened link from that site. There is usually not much income from such sites. However, you can earn income through shortlinks as side income.

8. Referee

There are currently many apps or websites where you can earn money through referrals. Referrals usually generate a lot more revenue. Referrer and affiliate marketing are almost the same but in the case of affiliate marketing, one is paid a commission when one buys the product. However, in case of referral, you will get commission only by signing up by clicking on the link. Currently it is a very popular method. This is especially true for those who have an online income channel. If you also share online income tips then you can earn this way.

This was our discussion today. If you have any questions you can comment. I will try my best to answer.

Thanks everyone

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