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We discussed in the last episode how to get Google Adsense. But in today's post we will discuss the reasons why Google AdSense is not approved.

There are a lot of good quality bloggers out there who are rejecting Google AdSense despite repeated requests for it. As a result, they are giving up blogging without realizing it.

Again, many people are trying to accept this frustration again and again, but Google Adsense is not.

Today's article is only for those who do not get AdSense even after repeatedly applying for Google AdSense.

In this article we will explain 10 reasons why Google AdSense is not approved Which will help you a lot to correct your mistakes.

Not having enough content

As I have said before, "If a blog is a structure, its life is its content". A blog site or website plays a key role in its content.

The better the quality of writing on your blog, the more visitors you will get.

So before applying for AdSense, you need to publish 25/30 good quality articles in the blog and those articles should have enough content.

In the meantime, make sure the posts are unique and try to publish 5 or more articles in each category.

If your blog has enough unique content you are 100% sure Google will approve you AdSense.

The age of the blog is getting younger

One of the most common mistakes we make is to apply for AdSense for income within 2/3 days of opening the blog site. As a result, Google rejects our blog.

But before applying for Google Adsense, you need to make sure that the blog is 5/6 years old.

If the age of the blog is less then Google will not allow you Adsense. Therefore, it is wise to wait until the blog is 5 months old.

Lack of unique content.

One of the reasons why AdSense is not approved on blogs or websites is because blogs do not have unique content.

If the blog does not have unique content, you will not get Google AdSense approval in any way.

To approve Google AdSense, you need to publish 20/30 good quality unique content on your blog.

In no way do you copy someone else's content and publish it on your own blog If you do not get AdSense approval, but the main owner of the content will want to be able to take legal action against you.

Lack of quality content

Google will not approve your AdSense just by publishing content on the blog. You need to publish quality content for Google AdSense approval.

You need to publish some content that people want to know and write it in clear spelling.

Google Adsense approval is not possible without quality content on the blog.

To approve Google AdSense, you need to publish 25/30 good quality content. Then Google will approve for AdSense.

Refrain from inappropriate content

If your blog contains inappropriate content, Google may reject you. There are some content that should be avoided outside of Google AdSense policy.

There is a lot of content that is harmful to the general public, content that is outside of Google policy.

The more visitors you get, the less value Google has for such content.

  • Advertising of deadly weapons.
  • Hacking or cracking tips.
  • Contradictory content.
  • Pornography / Adult Content.
  • Promotion of various drugs.
  • Third party video sharing blog site.
  • Attract to alcohol products.
If you have to refrain from providing content on the above 7 topics, then you will get Google AdSense approval.

The design of the blog is not good

The design of the blog must be beautiful for Google Adsense approval. Attractive design helps a lot to get Google Adsense approval.

The design of your blog must be beautiful and attractive before Google Adsense can be approved

And the speed of the site must be perfect. At the same time, the blog should be arranged in such a way that a visitor can come and visit the blog.

Suppose you shop for a business. Now if there is no product in this store, will the customer come?

Similarly, your blog should be arranged with articles in the same way. Then a visitor will come and visit the blog.

Not having enough visitors

Google will evaluate a blog only if it has more visitors. The blog must have enough visitors to be approved by Google AdSense.

You may now be thinking of getting Google AdSense approval from visitors from Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. But it can be contrary to the interests.

For this, the blog has to do on-page ACO and off-page ACO to get organic visitors from Google search engine.

Because, Google currently only evaluates organic traffic.

If your blog site receives 250/300 visitors per day, then Google will approve you for AdSense.

Using top level domains

Top level domains play a key role in approving Google AdSense. A few days ago, Google Adsense was available using the sub domain (sub domain).

But in recent times, AdSense experts have suggested using top level domains to get Google AdSense.

So you need to use a good quality custom domain to get AdSense very fast.

AdSense can often be rejected for top level domains..

Reasons why Google AdSense is not approved

We've discussed a number of reasons why Google AdSense isn't approved. However, in addition to these, the following reasons can be a problem to get AdSense approval.

The following is a brief discussion:

  • Applicants must not be under 18 years of age.
  • If the blog is infected with malware.
  • Do not follow Google AdSense policy.
  • If you do not support the language of the site content.
  • Navigation of the site is not easy to understand.

Last word

Everyone who blogs has a dream about getting Google Adsense approved. People who get AdSense approval on their blog are earning $300 to $1000 a month.

For those who have not yet received Google AdSense approval on the blog, please correct the above mistakes.

And publishes SEO friendly posts on the blog. If there is any problem with that, please comment. Our team will solve your problem very quickly InshaAllah.

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