ways to get google adsense on the blog site (How to get adsense on the site)


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If you have a blog site or a web site then what is Google Adsense? And you know how Google Adsense works. How we who are bloggers or those who are blogging earning income?

By now my words may have been understood by those who have a blog site how they make income. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like for me either.

If you have a blog site and you also want to earn income through Google Adsense, you will first need Google Adsense approval. If you want to earn money from blog site or web site through Google Adsense, then you have to follow some rules and appeal for Google Adsense for your blog site.

But many people are successful and many people are not getting Google Adsense even after trying thousands of times. Today I will share with you the way to get Google Adsense for blog site .

We hope you find this article useful. So read this article carefully and if you follow these rules and appeal for Google Adsense, your website will get 100% Google Adsense approval.

What to do before applying for Google Adsense?

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. As soon as I opened the blog site, I applied for AdSense from Google by publishing a few e-mail posts. At some point, after a few days, Google rejects any reason.

But no, getting Google Adsense is not so easy. There are some rules for getting Google Adsense. If you follow them, you can easily get Google Adsense or Google will reject it again and again.

If you follow these tips before applying for Google Adsense, you will be 100% sure that you will succeed. Below are the tips.
  • Custom Domain

Custom domains play a big role in getting Google Adsense. Most bloggers apply for Google AdSense with a subdomain ( or a free domain (.tk) (.ml) (.cf) (.free) . For which the Google Adsense team directly rejects them. There was a time when Google Adsense was easily available with subdomains.

But nowadays it is very difficult to get Google Adsense with sub domain. You must purchase a good quality top level domain (.com) (.net) (.org) (.info) (.xyz) for Google AdSense approval.Blog Design

Site design is very important for Google AdSense approval. The theme of the website must be user friendly and the design of the blog should be light-thin so that the readers can easily read the post.

Also the speed of the site has to be very fast. Otherwise you will not get visitors. If you don't get visitors, you have to get a lot of speed to get Adsense.

Therefore, the design of the blog should be kept light at all times. And the speed of the site must be extremely fast. The site can never be made heavy for Google Adsense.

  • Blog Age (Domain Age)

The age of the blog is a very important factor for getting Google Adsense. However, there is no age limit for getting AdSense.

You must apply for Google AdSense when the domain is two to three months old.

Apply for AdSense 6 months after your site was created. Then you can be 100% sure that Google will approve you AdSense.

  • Search engine friendly website

Search engine friendly websites play a big role in getting Google Adsense. For this you need to make your website search engine friendly.

Search engine friendly websites will help you get Google AdSense very quickly .

For this, in order to get Google Adsense, you have to pay attention to on-page SEO of the web site.

  • Adequate article publishing

One thing I always say is that content plays a key role in getting Google Adsense. The more quality articles you have on your website, the more visitors you will get.

So you have to publish good quality articles.

When you have 25/30 good quality articles on your web site then you need to apply for Google Adsense. Then Google will not reject you.

Needless to say, before applying for AdSense, make sure there are more than 5 articles in each category.
  •   Adequate content in each article

Before publishing each article, you must have enough content. Google will not give you Adsense if there are only 25/30 articles on the website.

To get AdSense, you need to have at least 600 to 800 words of good quality content in each article.

The better the quality of your writing and the larger the content, the easier it will be to get Google Adsense.
  • Visitors from Google search engine

You can only hope for Google Adsense when organic visitors come to your blog or website from the Google search engine.

That website will get more visitors from Google search engine . It will be much easier to get Google Adsense for that website.

In order to get visitors from search engines, you need to do good SEO and bring your web site to the first page of Google search engine.

If 200 to 250 unique visitors come to your web site daily. Then you can be 100% sure that Google will approve you Google AdSense.
  • Some important pages

To get Google Adsense you need to have some important pages on your blog or blog site. For example, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap etc.

According to Google AdSense rules, blogs must have a privacy policy page to receive Google AdSense.

But for Google Adsense, we will keep the rest of the pages, so that Google can easily get ideas about our blog.
  • Do not use any other advertising blog site

If your blog site has any other third party ad network, you need to remove it before applying Google AdSense.

If there is any other ad network on the blog, Google AdSense will not approve.

Because, Google does not like the combination of any other ad network in their ad network.

But after AdSense approval, third parties can use some ad networks. But it is also risky.

Ways to get Google Adsense

If you read all the above rules correctly and fill them up. In this case you can apply for Google Adsense.

  • Below are some more rules for getting Google Adsense
  • Writing new content every day.
  • Writing good quality content.
  • Publish SEO friendly articles
  • Unique visitors.
  • Follow Google AdSense policy.


Everything in the world we live in obeys the rules. No one is out of the rules. In order to get Google Adsense, you have to follow some rules.

You can never be successful if you work outside the rules. Similarly, if you do not follow the rules of Google Adsense, you will not get Google Adsense.

All of the rules we need to follow to get Google Adsense are discussed above.

So you may have already figured out what to do to get Google AdSense approved

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