Ways to increase the battery life of the laptop

Ways to increase the battery life of the laptop, laptop battery life tips, battery tips for laptop, battery life tips

 Ways to increase the battery life of the laptop

Laptops are now a daily gadget in our daily work, most of the time we are using laptops for official work. And in today's article we will discuss about laptop battery backup which many of us are not satisfied with.

How To Extend Battery Life On Laptop:

  • You can use Windows' Battery Performance Slider to increase battery life. If you use it, the laptop's operating system will avoid everything that is harmful to the battery. You will also find some additional tips from there.

  • Keep the battery saver on while typing on the laptop. This will increase the battery life. Don't just run any software. Close the relevant app as soon as the work is done. If you don't need access to the web while editing a document, put the laptop in airplane mode. It will have long term benefits.

  • There are some softwares that waste battery power. You can find out which apps are damaging the laptop battery by searching in the search bar of Windows 10. If possible, uninstall these softwares.

  • All batteries lose power over time. For this reason, they have to be changed after a certain period of time. You have the opportunity to see if your MacBook's battery life has expired. To do this, hold down the option key and click on the battery icon. Now the condition of your battery will come to the fore. Look at the situation and make a decision according to the instructions received from there.

  • Each laptop generates some heat during eugenics. That heat must have a chance to escape. At least the battery will be damaged. For this reason, laptop cannot be used on bed, sofa or pillow. Because they retain heat. So always try to use the laptop with something hard on it.

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