What is 2-Step verification? How to turn on 2-Step verification?

How to activate Google Account ie Gmail (2-Step verification). Why it is important to turn. Find out! Google authorities said in a recent report that the Google Account (2-Step verification) is to introduce 2-step verification. Otherwise, they may close their Google account for security reasons. Moreover (2-Step verification) is mainly used for account security of different sites.

If you turn it on, the account will be much safer or you can keep it as a friend later if you want. However, let's not know anything about Google account before.

What is a Google Account?

Google Account is a service of Google. With which you can use other services including Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, Google Drive, Google Photos. Moreover, various business accounts of the website are also opened with Gmail.

Why turn on Google Account (2-Step verification).

You may know that people open different types of business accounts on the website using the email address of the Google account. Where people transact hundreds of dollars. So many times it is seen that different hackers hacked Google account and took crores of rupees. So if you have your Google Account (2-Step verification)

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If you turn on 2-step verification, hackers will not be able to hack your account.

✔ (2-Step verification) How does it work? 

If (2-Step verification) is enabled, you need a code to login or sign in to your Google account on any device which is sent to your number from Google.

Then, even if someone knows the password for your Google Account, they will not be able to sign in to your Google Account device. Because the verification code will come to your number. No one will be able to sign in without your verification code.

✔ How to turn on (2-Step verification)? 

1. Go to your Gmail app, go and click on profile in the top right corner. 

2. Then click manage your Google account. 

☑️ If you do not have a Gmail account added to your Gmail app, go to Google chrome browser or any other browser

Search by typing Then click on manage your Google account.

3. Drag from the site to "Security".

4. Click "2-Step verification".

5. Then click GET STARTED and then click "Next" in Bengali with your Google Account password.

6. Then continue, if your number is not set then enter your mobile number.

7. Then select the code you want to get in text message or phone call and click send.

8. Now the code of Google account will come to your given number, put it down and take it.

After entering the code, the "2-Step verification" button will be turned on.

Some difficulties in enabling "2-Step verification" in Google account.

Everything has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. So there are some difficulties in running "2-Step verification" in Google account. Enabling "2-Step verification" on your Google Account will only be a problem if the number you used to enable "2-Step Verification" is lost.

Then you will not be able to login to your Google Account on another device, because you will not receive your verification code. For that you have to bring back that number.

If we don't have our "2-Step Verification" system turned on, we can simply login to any device with an email address and a Google Account password.

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