what is backlink? And how to create backlinks or link building


what is backlink? And how to create backlinks or link building, backlinks seo trick, blogger no follow Backlink, blogger do follow backlink

Backlinks are familiar to those who work with SEO or who already have a blog or website.

But for those who have just started a new blog site, the word backlinks found through various researches means a little complex or difficult for them.

If you are reading this article, you must know that backlinks play an important role in increasing SEO or site visitors.

So today we will know in this article what is backlink? And how to create backlinks or link building.

What is backlinks?

A backlink is a link between a website and another website.

Or backlinks are an external link that you get from another website to your site.

To put it more simply, when a site uses the link of your site on its site, the resulting link is created.

what is backlink? And how to create backlinks or link building, backlinks seo trick, blogger no follow Backlink, blogger do follow backlink

The image above shows two sites where the A site on the left is another site that is using a link or URL to your site.

And the B site on the right is your site. And the link that is created between these two sites is the backlink.

Remember that the URL of your site next to the site on the left is the external link and the backlink for your site.

What is the importance or necessity of backlinks?

Now a question may come to your mind that why should I create backlinks or what is the importance of it?

So first of all let me tell you that backlinks are very important for off-page SEO ranking of any website or blog site.

Backlinks are also important for increasing the popularity, relevance and domain authority of your website or blog site.

When a search engine bot crawls all the URLs or pages of your site to crawl your site.

Then he will notice very deeply how many shots and high quality backlinks are pointing to your seat.

The more high quality backlinks your site has or the more links you create. You will have more opportunities to rank in other search engines including Google.

The importance of backlinks is:

  • Your site will be able to do organic search ranking.
  • The number of organic visitors to the site will increase a lot.
  • Pages on your site will be quickly indexed by other search engines, including Google.
  • This will also increase the domain authority of your site .

Backlink type

There are two main types of backlinks:

  1. dofollow
  2. nofollow

1. Dofollow backlinks are one of the most common and important and valuable tools used for SEO.

When you use the dofollow link on the site, tell other search engines, including Google, that the link is important and that it should be identified.

The HTML attribute of the dofollow link looks like this:

<a href=""> Link Text </a>

If you look at the HTML version of the dofollow link, you can see that it is the link attribute that is the common link.

2. nofollow backlink dofollow link is on the other hand is the opposite.

This means that when you use a nofollow link on the site, tell other search engines, including Google, to ignore the link.

The HTML attribute of the nofollow link is as follows:

<a href="" rel=nofollow> Link Text </a>

Now if you look at the HTML attribute of the nofollow link you will see that the code rel = nofollow has been added here.

This means that the use of this HTML code implies that this link should be ignored in search rankings.

What is internal and external links?

You can again link building in HTML page in two ways, by creating internal and external links.

Internal link is when you create a link to another page or post on one page or post of your website.

This is also called inbound link. This is the most popular link building method and this internal link is always a dofollow link.

The role of inbound or external links is very important for ranking in search engines.

If you can navigate the pages of your site in the right way by using or creating internal links then it will be useful to rank in search engine.

External links, on the other hand, are when you create a link between a poster on your website and a post on another website.

It is also called outbound link and this link can be both dofollow and nofollow.

Usually high authority site links are dofollow otherwise external or outbound links are nofollow.

How to create backlinks?

I will not confuse you here by telling you all the ways or means to create those quick backlinks.

I will share in my own language and from my own skills the ways you can create high quality lasting backlinks.

1. Internal link building

We already know about internal links. The role of internal links is much more in creating backlinks.

A lot of good backlinks will be created if you can properly create link structure of one post with other posts.

You can easily get more users for the rest of the posts by creating links to other posts in one post and sending users there.

2. Guest posting or guest blogging

Guest posting or blogging is a great way to connect with new users as well as get high quality backlinks.

Guest posting or blogging is a website where you can create a profile and publish articles as a guest of that site.

When you write a guest post, you can easily provide a link to your site or a post on the site as a resource.

As a result, the visitors who read that guest post, they also visit your site by navigating the link you created there.

By guest blogging you can easily bring a lot of new visitors to your site by creating high quality links.

3. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to generate backlinks, as is the case with most bloggers.

You must provide your post URL by commenting in the comments section of some blog site related to your blog topic or Niche.

You usually have to go to the comments section of the blog post of all those sites and write a good comment and give the URL of your site there.

If you can provide the URL of your blog post in the comments section of many such blog sites, then a lot of good backlinks will be created.

But in that case you must make sure that the sites are popular and high authority.

4. Q&A and forum site

Quora, Reddit and Yahoo Answer are some of the high authority quiz and forum sites from which you can create high quality backlinks.

You need to create your own profile on all these sites and add the URL of your website or blog site.

In addition to this, all these sites select the questions asked by different people which are related to the topic of your website.

Write a good quality answer to that question and add your article link as your site URL or resource.

When the answers to the various questions given by you become popular or read by many, many new visitors will come to your site.

When all your questions are answered or the visitors from the forum site are quiet, then the backlink of your website will be created.

5. Social media platform

Social media platforms are really important for creating high quality backlinks, especially in 2020.

We all know how much traffic we can get from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can create a good number of followers by creating pages or profiles on all these social media platforms.

Then you can easily create backlinks and bring visitors to your site by sharing your various blog articles or its URL.

6. YouTube video

There are many bloggers who have been using YouTube channels to build backlinks from the beginning and which is still effective.

And I would personally suggest that if you have a blog site, you must open another YouTube channel on that subject.

We know how many views a YouTube video can get. If you start a YouTube channel.

And by creating various videos on your blog topic, use the link of your blog site in the description box of those videos.

And tell your subscribers or viewers via video that in order to visit your blog site,

As you get YouTube views, the number of visitors to your blog site will increase and backlinks to your site will also be created.

7.Get help from other bloggers

Another easy way to build backlinks is to enlist the help of bloggers on a high authority blog site.

According to your blog Niche you can ask other blog sites to add a link to your site to their site.

You can also take his help if he has used the link of your site on his site before any site.

Our end:

So friends today I learned what backlinks are, why they are so important and how I can create backlinks for our blog site.

Hopefully, through this article, I have been able to provide you some ideas or information about backlinks.

If you like this article, please share it with others and let me know in the comments.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or inquiries regarding this article.

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