What is SEO and how to do SEO

 In today's article we will learn what SEO is and how SEO can bring more traffic to our blog site.

If you have researched on the internet how to increase the traffic of a blog site or website. Then probably everyone will say that improve the SEO of your site.

But the question is what does SEO mean or how does SEO work? So let's not know the answer to these two questions.

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What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization.

It is a method of optimizing a website or its page and ranking it in various search engines like Google or Bing.

These ranking factors again work according to the algorithms of the search engines and which no one can fully know.

Today in this discussion we will focus more on Google because Google is the most popular search engine.

This does not mean that the other search engines, like Bing or Yahoo, should be considered.

Now let's look at the two factors of SEO in Google Algorithm which are on page SEO and off page SEO.

What is onpage SEO?

Onpage factors are the elements of your own website or blog site such as site structure, content and site speed.

What is onpage SEO? Onpage SEO is search engine optimization by optimizing the elements or parts inside your site.

What is offpage SEO?

Offpage factors, on the other hand, are not included in your website or blog site. Such as link building and social media content.

In the case of offpage SEO, all the activities you run are done from outside your website in order to rank in search engines.

How to do SEO

Hope you got some idea of ​​what SEO means and what it does. Now let's not know how to do SEO.

Here we will take a person named "Amit" as an example to know what a new or beginner should do with SEO.

Amit is a new handicraft businessman who wants to make his business bigger so he started a blog site.

That's how he got his business online. Amit hopes that his business will reach out to different people and build a network of its own.

For which he spent a lot of time designing his site and designing a beautiful blog site or online store.

But he noticed that despite his hard work, he was not getting much traffic or customers on his blog site.

So Amit decided that he would rank his blog site on Google so that more people could find his site or online store.

But Amit did not know exactly how to do it.

So he asked some of his friends and relatives who are involved in different types of marketing.

In this way Amit got some information which will help him to rank his site in search engine.

They advised Amit that:

  • Start linking or internal linking to someone who has created high quality content and your other content there.
  • There are various forums and community sites like this where someone joins them and creates his own community and backlinks .
  • And someone to optimize the speed of your website.

This time Amit decided that he would follow the advice given to him by his friends and relatives.

So Amit decided to sell his handicrafts as well as write blog content about his handicrafts on his blog site.

So he started creating content on various topics related to his handicrafts like how to start any handicraft,

Etc. on questions asked by his customer. And Amit added a good enough internal link to each of his blog posts.

Then Amit decided to take the second step on the advice of his marketing friends.

So he joined a number of such social media sites, forums and community sites related to handicrafts.

There he made his own community and made new friends who helped each other by exchanging links among themselves.

Not only this, with the help of these platforms Amit could always get some new content ideas .

Amit then took the help of a techy friend to optimize the speed of his website .

Amit's techi buddha monitored the site well and optimized the page loading speed, database and photos to increase Amit's site speed.

This is exactly how Amit followed the advice of his marketing friends and his own research.

With him Amit continued to work harder for his online business and at last he saw the results.

His site started to rank in Google and his site started getting a lot of traffic or new customers and Amit's business improved.

Our last words:

So friends, I hope you understand this time what SEO is and how SEO works.

We learned from examples how to optimize search engine optimization by improving the various aspects of our blog site.

I have given you very little or general idea about SEO here and I will try to bring some more episodes of SEO later.

If you like this article, be sure to share it with others and let me know in the comments.

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