What is Wi-Fi calling? How to make wifi call?

We usually use the internet through Wi-Fi, but at present we can make phone calls to any number through Wi-Fi, this is called Wi-Fi calling.

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This means you need to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi connection, then turn on the Wi-Fi calling option on your phone, you can call any number, you do not need to recharge your SIM card to make a call.

That is, you can make calls through WIFI without any recharge on the SIM card.

And you can call any number via WIFI calling, such as 2g mobile. You can also make calls on phones that do not have internet access, even if you do not have any SIM card balance.

How to do wifi calling?

3 things are required for WiFi calling. Such as: -

  • A phone that supports WiFi calling (Wi-Fi calling features are offered in most smart phones these days).
  • A WiFi network (Wi-Fi connection can be easily obtained from any smart phone via hotspot).
  • And if the SIM card as well as your SIM card company has the facility of Wi-Fi calling, then you can make Wi-Fi calling.

How to do Wi-Fi calling?

  • First you have to click on mobile settings.
  • Next, you will see the Wi-Fi calling option in the SIM card settings or Wi-Fi settings. And you need to turn on the Wi-Fi calling option. The Wi-Fi calling option is usually found inside the SIM card settings of the mobile. (You will see the option called Make call using Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi calling)

Advantages of WiFi calling:

  • The best part about WiFi calling is that you can call any number via Wi-Fi even if you have no balance on your SIM card. (If you have WiFi connection in your home, the cost of mobile recharge can be saved)
  • If there is a problem with the mobile network in your location, that is, when you make a phone call, you can cut off the conversation, if there is such a problem, you can make clear voice calling through Wi-Fi calling.
  • You can talk unlimited without recharging any SIM card.

Disadvantages of WiFi calling:

  • The problem is, you have to keep your mobile connected to Wi-Fi, then you can make Wi-Fi calling, otherwise Wi-Fi calling is not possible. Suppose you go out of the house where there is no Wi-Fi connection, then Wi-Fi calling is not possible.

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