Add push notifications to WordPress sites

Add push notifications to WordPress sites

Today we will learn how to add or launch push notifications on a WordPress website.

This notification feature is very important for any website or blog site in terms of website traffic.

Because with this you can send messages to all your website visitors, even those who have not been visiting the site for many days.

This helps your website visitors to visit the site more frequently, increase and retain site traffic, and earn more revenue.

All in all this is a very important web site features, and which I will tell you below or show you how,

You can also increase and retain traffic by adding this web push notification to your WordPress step by step.

What is push notification?

This is a short and clickable notification message that pops up on our mobiles and computers.

You will see in the notification bar of your mobile that some websites or social sites like Facebook etc. get notifications.

And these are the notifications that pop up on the computer in the same way on the right side of the desktop, at the bottom.

One thing to keep in mind here is that when or if someone gets this notification, that means getting the notification,

Agree that they have to click first to give permission, only in that case and they will get these push notifications.

This means that when visitors visit your site they will get a popup message just like the image below.

If they click Allow, which means they want to stay updated on everything on your site, then Allow will click.

And from then on, you will get notifications about all the updates of your website like new posts etc. on their mobile and computer.

And the best advantage of this is that you don't even have to keep the browser open to get notifications.

Now let's not spend too much time knowing the process of adding push notifications to WordPress step by step.

How to add Push Notification to WordPress

Step 1: First of all go to your WordPress dashboard and from there click on Plugins> Add New .

Step 2: Now that the WordPress Plugins Store is open, search for “ OneSignal ” in the search box at the top right .

The plugin will appear in front of you just like the photo shown below. Now click on “OneSignal - Web Push Notification”> Install

Onesignal wordpress  push notification plugin
And after it is installed, click in the same place > Active , just as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on > OneSignal from the left side option
Onesignal push notification setup
Step 4: Now to launch Web Push Notifications by OneSignal, first of all you will be asked to set up the plugin.

To do this, click Setup> Overviews> Create a OneSignal account or log in to your existing account from that page of OneSignal .

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