How To Do YouTube Video SEO

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In the case of a blog site, SEO plays a very important role in ranking that site and its content in search engines.

In the same way, YouTube Video SEO plays a very important role in ranking a video on YouTube in viral or search results.

And today we will learn about how to make YouTube videos viral or rank videos by doing YouTube SEO.

So if you have a YouTube channel and if any of its videos do not rank in the search results and do not get enough views, then you must read the full article.

Because in this article I will discuss the details with you and let you know.

Through which you can get more views by ranking all your subsequent videos in YouTube search results.

What is YouTube SEO?

This is the process by which a YouTube channel and its playlists, description metatags and videos are optimized.

So that the channel and its contents become search engine friendly and can easily rank in search results.

We know that when we search by typing a keyword in the YouTube search box, a long search result comes up.

And we watch the first videos of that search result or the videos numbered 1 to 10 more, we don't click the video below.

So if you can't get your video in the first 1-10 number of youtube search result then you will never get more views.

And this is exactly where YouTube SEO comes in handy through which you can rank your videos in search results.

Now that we know what YouTube SEO is, let's face it - we don't know how to do it.

How to do YouTube video SEO? 

We know that YouTube is a search engine and so like all search engines, YouTube has its own search algorithm.

And according to that search algorithm, YouTube ranks and suggests a video in the search results.

Although we do not know exactly the algorithm, an overview of it has been reported by YouTube Creator Studios through their video.

You can see what the YouTube algorithm is and how YouTube Search and Discovery works if you want.

So now below I will tell you step by step how to optimize youtube video for search engine.

Step 1: YouTube Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important for YouTube videos and that should be done before you create YouTube videos.

If you make a video without researching a keyword target and its search volume, the video will never get views.

Through keyword research, you will be able to know about video topics and you will be able to understand on which topic it would be right to make a video.

You will also find out about the search volume and how many views you can get on the topic you are making videos on.

So now the question is how to do youtube keyword research?

There are various online tools and hacks for YouTube keyword research that you can use. Like,
  • Google auto-suggest
  • YouTube auto-suggest
  • Google keyword tool
  • Wordtracker
With all these tools and tips you can choose the right keywords for your YouTube videos by doing keyword research.

Step 2: Research and plan the video before making it

Before making a video, it is important to plan and do enough research on it, which many people do not follow.

If you already have a number of YouTube videos on the topic you are making a video on,

Or if viewers benefit from that video or their demand becomes obsolete, then there is no point in making a video on the same topic.

So be sure to create content on unique or other topics that no one has published before.

Make sure to create videos on interesting and trending topics that are in high demand and that viewers will love to watch.

Because if there is no demand for the subject on which you will make the video, then you will not get views in the video.

That means you must first know what you are creating and for whom you are creating.

And this is where researching videos and making videos with a plan or strategy comes in handy.

Step 3: Optimize on-page video

On-Page Video Optimization The most important part of YouTube video SEO and the issues that come with it are:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Video tags
  • Thumbnail.
A) Use keywords in the title

Among the various search volume keywords obtained through keyword research, use the keyword you are targeting in the title.

YouTube Creator Studios said in their video that using the most relevant search terms in the title and description.

Your on-page video is optimized and your chances of ranking your video in YouTube search results increase.

Not only YouTube but many YouTubers have claimed that using keywords in titles and descriptions increases the chances of ranking or doing videos.

So the next time you upload a video, you must use your targeted keyword in the video title.

Also, make your video titles short and interesting so that the viewers will notice and click on your video.

B) Write the correct description and use keywords in it

As mentioned above, according to YouTube, using the right keyword descriptions increases the chances of ranking and video suggestions in search results.

And a study also found that different keywords were used in the description of each of the top 10 videos ranked in the search results.

Various YouTubers also mean this and use the main targeted keywords in their video descriptions.

But that doesn't mean you have to use all the keywords in your description anyway to rank your video.

Never do this as it may cause a completely opposite reaction and your video will look spammy.

And as a result, YouTube will never rank your videos.

So I would suggest writing a short article description on the topic on which you will make the video.

And using targeted keywords in parts of that article to optimize your on-page video.

C) Using YouTube video tags correctly

Tags are another way to rank your video among YouTube searches and suggested videos.

This is because the use of tags makes your video more straight forward and YouTube can also understand that the video has been made on a specific topic.

And as a result, YouTube can show the right videos to the right viewers between the YouTube search results and the suggested videos.

So be sure to go one step further to rank your videos using YouTube video tags.

Now that you have researched the keywords and used those keywords you have also optimized your title and video description.

So all you have to do now is use those main keywords and some sub-main keywords as tags.

So that your video is optimized but also YouTube can understand exactly what topic the video has been made on.

D) Custom YouTube video thumbnails

After doing some searching on YouTube, the first thing we see when we click on a video of search results is the thumbnail.

And 90% of viewers judge the subject of the video by looking at the text and elements in the thumbnail and clicking on it.

Maybe you do the same thing when you search something on YouTube and don't click on the first video.

Click on the video thumbnail that is more interesting or featured according to your purpose.

In other words, even if you go to the top of the YouTube search, your video will get more clicks.

If your thumbnail is creative, interesting and can highlight the purpose of the video.

So create your own custom thumbnail that will be creative and interesting and will force searchers to click on your video.

Step 4: In-video optimization

In video optimization, I'm talking about optimizing your video from the inside out, and here's what you can do:

A) Video file name

Many YouTubers and I personally believe that video files should be saved using keywords in the name.

Because many people believe that YouTube reads your video file name and using keywords there makes the video more optimized.

So if you don't know this trick before then I would definitely suggest to use it.

B) Caption or Transcripts

We all know what a YouTube caption is and many have long believed that video captions,

And using keywords in it helps a lot in both user experience and YouTube video SEO.

So if you create English video content then you must give captions and use keywords in it.

And if you make a video in Bengali, make English captions and use keywords there.

This will optimize your video and allow viewers of other languages ​​to understand your video.

C) YouTube cards

The YouTube card is a useful feature that allows you to promote other videos from within a video.

We see an i (i) button on the far right of a video which is this YouTube card and where several videos are attached.

Using this card you can easily increase views by promoting other important videos on the same topic.

It may not be directly useful in SEO optimization but it will definitely help increase the views of your other videos.

D) End screens

End screens work just like YouTube cards. End screens are only shown at the very end of the video.

And the purpose of these end screens is to keep viewers on the YouTube platform longer.

And you can add your own two videos and channel subscriber button there using these end screens.

Which will help increase the views of your other videos or get a new channel subscriber.

Step 5: Publish and promote videos

The last step of our YouTube video SEO Bangla tutorial is to publish and promote the video.

A) Publish video

In my opinion, there should be a specific time to publish the video which is between 8 am and 11 am.

Because at the beginning of the day your videos are more likely to appear in the YouTube home page and suggested videos.

Although this works for me, you can find out the best time to publish your video from your audience data.

Of course, uploading or publishing videos at the right time can lead to more views.

B) Promote video

To get more views on the video, you must promote your video on social media sites and various forum sites.

You can easily find social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and quiz sites like Quora,

You can increase your video views by promoting your videos.

Not only this, when your video views from these places increase, your video will get an initial boost on YouTube.

This will increase your chances of ranking your video in search engines and appearing in suggested videos.

Almost all youtubers follow this method to increase their video views and get an initial boost.

As a result, his videos are easily ranked in search engines and are among the most suggested videos.

If you are a beginner to YouTube, all of the above steps can be a bit difficult to remember and follow.

In that case I would suggest you to use the TubeBuddy Chrome extension or mobile application.

Because many of the steps above YouTube SEO, TubeBody will help you to do it easily.

Our last words :

Many, and especially new YouTubers, are worried about why their videos are not getting views.

In fact, in most cases they may not know the above things or even if they know some things they do not follow them.

But if you follow all of the above to create and publish your next videos.

Then of course your video views will increase a lot and you will be able to rank in the search results.

So friends, I hope you know what YouTube video SEO is and how to do it.

If you like this article, be sure to share it with others and let me know in the comments.

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