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Today we will know how to write an unique article or what are the correct rules and techniques for writing a English article.

If you want to start your own blog site or if you already have one, or want to do Bangla content writing as a freelancer,

Then you must know and understand the correct rules and techniques of your Bangla article or content writing.

Otherwise, your article or post will not be liked by your client or the audience and search engine .

And the thing you need to pay more attention to in writing this article is the unique content.

The term unique content is related to SEO which means original and not duplicate taken from any other place.

Because unique content plays a very important role in ranking in all search engines including Google.

If your content is copied from another place, that is, duplicated, it will be completely against the search engine.

As a result, the content will never be ranked in search engines and your site may be penalized for publishing duplicate content.

So now the question is what is the rule of writing an article in a unique and correct way that the client and the audience will all like.

And which can easily rank in search engines.

So let's go down step by step, we don't know what the rules of content writing are or how to do it.

How to write an article or writing rules

First of all let me tell you that if you want to do content writing in any language other than Bengali, such as English or Hindi.

However, you can still follow these same paths or methods because there is no change in the rules for writing content with language.

1. Pick the right topic

The first step in article or content writing is to select the topic on which you want to write an article.

And in order to choose it, you have to think about many issues and aspects and for that you want online research.

Because you may have a number of topics, but how much do you know or experience about them?

And for those who want to write, are they interested in knowing and reading about it? And how much interest or demand.

You must know all these things correctly. Suppose you want to write about something,

If you do not have the right experience, you will never be able to write well.

And if you do not have both the experience and the interest in the subject, then its bad effect will be read in full in your article.

On the other hand, if the audience does not want to know or is interested in the topic you want to write about.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

2. Do your online research

The second thing you need to do after choosing the topic you want to write about is online research.

Online research plays a very important role in content writing whether it is Bengali content or English and Hindi.

Without online research you can never write a good, unique, and competitive article.

Through research you can find out how many articles are already on the internet about the subject you are going to write about.

Exactly how they wrote it, what topics they covered, and what resources they used to write that article.

And once you know that, you will first get more information, resources and ideas for creating your own content.

And you can make your content better and more competitive than they are for search engines and audiences.

3. Write an outline

Every time we write content or article we have different ideas and information or we collect.

However, for writing content, only those ideas and information should be used as urgent or necessary.

Using extraneous or unnecessary information means increasing the length of unnecessary content which is absolutely not right.

Because the audience always wants straight forward information in short order.

However, this does not mean that you should not write very large content, I am not saying that at all and if necessary, you must write large content.

What I want to say here is never lengthen the content by using unnecessary information where it is not needed.

So limit your content to what you need or find out what is needed and important.

And through those points, create a rough article structure or outline.

It will be of great benefit to you when writing your content using only the correct and necessary points and writing the article in the correct format.

4. Do keyword research

Keyword research is part of on-page SEO and must be done before starting to write articles or content.

If you want to create a unique and SEO optimized content that can easily rank in search engines,

You need to do your keyword research after creating an outline of your content topic, research and the required points.

This will allow you to find out the search interns and the keywords for which your article can rank in search engines.

If you do not know about SEO or keyword research or if you want to know better then you can read the following articles.

5. Write a great headline

Now that you've finished the above, it's your turn to write the article and the first thing you need to do is,
That is, create an interesting title or headline that is short but will reflect your main content.
In addition, the main or focus keywords that you choose from keyword research must be used in the headlines or titles.
Because using keywords in the title will make your content more optimized for on-page SEO.
In most cases you will find articles on the same subject on the Internet that you are already writing about.
So try not to use the same title as the heading or title they used. Try to give a unique title.
However, you must make sure that your title is short and interesting and reflects the main content.

6. Write a captivating intro

Always start writing articles with a short introduction or intro so that readers can understand what they are going to know and learn.
Try to get the reader's attention first through the introduction so that they do not leave the article easily or too early.
And you can do this in different ways, such as through some interesting facts and statistics on the subject of the article.
Then what is the purpose of your post or content, what are the solutions you are going to explain here.

7. The main writing part

Now we will know how to write the main or main blog post part of the article or what are the rules and techniques of writing.


When writing an article, write in paragraphs and make sure that the number of words in the paragraph is less.
As an example you can see the paragraph of my article and the number of words used there.
Writing in this way helps the readers to read and they read the whole article carefully.


We can use tags from H1 to H6 in articles. So use these tags correctly in the article.
Usually H1 tags are our article titles so try to use at least two H2 and H3 tags as subheadings except H1.


Write bullets where you want to write short information and list etc. as used here.

Image or picture

Use a relevant image or picture with your blog post, at least in the blog poster.
At the same time, using relevant image content in a blog post helps readers to understand better.
It also helps a lot in on-page SEO. However, in the case of optimizing the image for on-page SEO.
Be sure to include keywords in the alt tag of the image.

Blog post proofread and edit

There are many people who spend a lot of time or time writing an article and then they rush to publish it.

And the article or content that has been written for so long is being forfeited.

Do not do this at all. After writing the article, at least read the whole article once or twice, and

If there is any mistake, edit it.

Our last words:

So friends, I hope you now know how to write a unique article or what exactly are the rules and techniques of writing an article.

And I have mentioned the word SEO many times here, if you want to know more about this subject i.e. SEO,

Then all the articles related to SEO have been published on our site long ago which you can check.

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