The best 11+ free sites to download computer software

The best 11+ free sites to download computer software

If you have a computer or laptop, you will need different types of software for the computer. So in today's article I will talk about the top 12 websites from which you can download computer software for free.

From here, you can download all kinds of software for computer, not two or three. In these sites you will find software for windows 7, windows 8, wounds 10 computers.

The best 11+ free sites to download computer software 

If you search Google, you will find many types of software for windows computer or windows laptop.

But, you may not know that if you download these softwares, many kinds of viruses can enter the computer. So it is not safe to download computer software from all free sites .

So you need to download software from sites that are trustworthy and from which most people download software for their computer.

Moreover, there is no possibility of computer virus coming from all these sites. So I will tell you the names of 12 download sites that are trusted and a lot of trust.

(1) - Free software download


Many of you may not know about this website This site is very good free downloading this website.

Here you will find all kinds of software for your computer. You can download the Windows software you like with one click.

In Filehippo, you can only download Windows software, but not. From here you can download all kinds of software for Mac computer.

Moreover, you will find different categories on this site and you can find and download software of your choice from that category.

Some of the popular categories of Filehippo site are photo / video, system software, antivirus, internet / online software, multimedia, security, editing, cd / dvd etc.

You can get all kinds of software for computer from the above categories. And remember this site is safe so there is no possibility of virus.


From this website you can download thousands of "computer software" for Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 10 for free.
Apart from this you will get software for Linux, Android and Max systems. John of your computer: If you want to download games, then you will find many pc games here.

This website is completely trustworthy. So you can download pc software as you wish without worrying about any kind of virus.

(3) S

This website was created in 1998. Here you will find the most computer software collection. Which you can download in just 3 clicks.

I myself have downloaded software for my laptop from this website. This is definitely a good site if you are looking for software.

Here you will find software in different categories. Such as top 100 download, latest download, shareware and many more.


FileHorse is a very popular Windows software site. Because here you will find the latest and updated software.

If you go to this category of latest downloads and most popular downloads then you will get better software.

The software on this website is virus free and you can download files from here with just two clicks.


FileCluster is a new site for downloading computer software . It was first seen on the Internet in 2006 and is completely virus free.

Here you will find freeware and shareware and see the list of latest and updated software. From where you can download the software of your choice.


download On this site you will find not only Windows software, but also iOS and Android software for free.

This website is one of the best sites for downloading software on the Internet. This site is about 15 to 16 years old.

Name this website so there is no possibility of virus. If you want to download software from here, then search and download software with just two clicks.
Here you will find more than 100,000 freeware and shareware software. You can download all types of Windows software including photo editing, antivirus, video editing software from here.



By the name of this website you may understand that you can download various PC software and many new freeware files for computer.

Like other websites, you will find many types of categories here. From which you can download thousands of computer software.
A good aspect of the FreeWareFiless site is that you can choose the software category and download the files of your choice. Downloading files or software is very easy here, you can download it with just two clicks.


This site was started by Tomas Diago in 1998. Here you will find more than 105,000 freeware, shareware and trial version software.

From here, you can see the English reviews of each software and download it by judging the good and the bad. Softonic always offers the latest version of software for users.

On this website you will find software like windows, windows phone, linux, ios, max, android etc.


Software Informer is a new site. From there you will find a guide which will give you information about the software you need.

From here you can download a lot of software for free but it is limited. Although it is not a big site like other sites, the software of this site is top quality, because it gives regular updates.

It is safe to download software from here, because they scan every file and then allow it to be downloaded.



This website is a great site for downloading computer software . The interfaces of this site are beautifully arranged.

The Soft32 website offers over 90,000 software programs. One of the good things about it is that you can talk to them if you have any problems with windows os.

You can easily download computer software for free from this website which is completely virus free.


If you are new or experienced in downloading software then sourceforge will help you with different tools.

The information on their site is very nicely arranged. As a result, you can easily find the necessary software.

Here you can read the details about the software before downloading each software. If there is a problem with the software then users can discuss the problem with the community.

Last word

Friends, the websites I mentioned about downloading computer software are really useful.

On these sites you can search for software, then go to the category and find the software.

If you know of any good sites other than the ones above, please comment below. I hope you like my article.

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