Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions 2022


Available on the Internet in the web browser of Google Chrome (Google Chrome ) is the most widely used and popular web browsers.

More than 60 percent of all Internet users use Google Chrome on their phones and computers.

Then you can understand how popular Chrome browser is among Internet users. And no matter what,

Google Chrome is much faster than other browsers, simple and full of new features that make it stand out from the crowd.

One such feature is its abundant and remarkably useful Google Chrome extension , which allows you to surf the Internet more freely.

And today we will learn about the 10 best free Google chrome extensions (Google Chrome addon) that you must know and use.

Grammarly is a digital writing assistant tool or spell checking extension that helps you correct mistakes in your English writing.

That means scanning your English text to see if there are any word, grammar and punctuation errors.

And if it does, Grammarley immediately identifies it and suggests what went wrong with it and what its correction would be.

Whether you are a student or a worker, it will help you a lot to write English like a skilled or professional without any mistakes in English grammar.

Especially if you are an online writer or a blogger who writes English content then you should definitely use it.

There are many websites where if you click on a link or option after visiting,

Then you will see that the specific page does not open and another page or tab opens which we call pop up.

And to be honest that is very annoying and sometimes a malicious virus enters our device from this pop up.

And Poper Blocker keeps an eye on all those unwanted pop ups.

We all know about VPN whose full name is Virtual Private Network or Virtual private network.

Through which we can activate our private network and locate our exact location by changing the IP address.

And we can also visit and access websites that cannot be blocked or accessed and use them for many other purposes.

But whatever your purpose, Touch VPN can be used for all those tasks just like Southern VPN software.

This Google Chrome extension or Touch VPN is a completely free extension where you can use unlimited bandwidth.

Last Pass is a free password manager that helps you store or save all your online account passwords.

And because of its Zero Knowledge policy, your passwords and sensitive data are so secure that even LastPass can't see it.

All of us now have or have online accounts on various websites, social sites and online stores.

And it is not possible for anyone to always remember those passwords and that is why we forget passwords at different times.

And we have to change the new password again by forgetting the password.

If this is exactly what happened to you, be sure to use the LastPass extension.

Google Input Tool` is Google's own typing tool that lets you type in 22 languages, including Bengali.

There are many people who want to write Bangla on their computer, I would suggest using Google Input Tool.

Because it is a very small and infallible typing tool that allows you to write a blog directly from the browser,

You can easily write in Bengali or other languages ​​on Facebook and other social sites and forums.

If you use a WordPress and write a blog in Bengali or Hindi, you will not find a better typing tool.

Click and clean is one of my favorite and useful extensions and by looking at its name you may have understood what it does.

It helps you delete all URLs, cookies, downloads and browsing history from the browser with one click.

You will also find many more features that cannot be manually removed or deleted from Google Chrome.

We all use YouTube, Facebook or other social sites and video platforms and online music streaming sites.

And there are a lot of videos or music that have a sound problem, that is, much less sound.

In that case you can easily boost the volume using this extension of Volume Master.

Especially for those who use laptops, the volume of the speaker is very low so it does not sound well even after giving full sound.

In that case you can extend the speaker sound limit of your laptop using Volume Master.

Honey is a coupon code finder google chrome extension that can be used during your online shopping,

Find an automatic coupon code and attach it to the product so that you get various discounts and cash back.

If you want a variety of cash backs or discounts when shopping online, you can definitely use it.

Honey supports almost all popular e-commerce sites and online stores.

This is a Gmail notification tool or extension that helps you to delete email notifications, read mail, read emails and without opening a mail account.

This is a very useful tool for everyone, especially those who use Gmail or Gmail more. Because a lot of the time what happens,

Gmail notifications don't come in the usual way, and to check our mail again and again,

You need to open a Gmail account. And from all those aspects, this extension will help you a lot.

Using it you will receive mail notifications at the right time and without having to open a mail account with it,

You can read, delete or mark your mail as Mark S. Read.

Our last chrome extension is Loom which is as important and useful as any of the above extensions.

Loom for Chrome is a screen recording extension that lets you record browser tabs or entire computer screens.

It is a free extension and you can capture your microphone and webcam along with the screen .

If you are a youtuber or blogger then this will help you a lot to create step by step guide video tutorials.

You can also use it for screen recording in the workplace such as presentations, technical issues or video proofs.

Our last words:

The biggest reason I use the Google Chrome browser is because of its extensions, which are rarely found in other browsers.

And I use each of the above extensions myself because I need them a lot in my daily net surfing.

And I think these are just some of the things that not only me but everyone else needs in order to access the Internet through their Daily Chrome.

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