Top 5 blogging niches of 2022 (Part -1)

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Are you a blogger? If you are a blogger then you are quite familiar with the word "niche". The topic of your content in simple language. The first step in starting blogging is niche picking. And which niche is less competitive during niche selection? Which niche will get more traffic, which niche can be easily ranked? Etc. Various kinds of thoughts revolve in our head.

In today's article I will discuss with you about the top 5 blogging niches of 2021, which will get less niche competition but good quality traffic. Let's start without further ado.

The 5 niches that I will discuss:
  • Course Review
  • Private job
  • Celebrity News
  • Education
  • Health
Course Review: There are currently a variety of courses available online, such as: Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, UI Design, Wedding Photography, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. You can review these courses from different online organizations. What kind of course?, How many people bought it?, Course outline, who is the instructor, etc. You can write a blog. Course Review The demand for niches continues to grow. Because, now most people search online for reviews of that course before buying the course.

Private Job : Job Nish is a popular blogging niche. There is a huge demand for this niche and there are many big websites in job niche. However, if you look at these websites, you can see that most of the content is about government jobs. Private job news is very low. But now people are searching Google for government jobs as well as private job circulars. So if you blog this night, there is a hundred percent chance of success.

Celebrity News: You are more likely to succeed in this niche than any of the above two niches . Celebrity news is the information of celebrities. How many boyfriends / girlfriends does a celebrity have? How much money does a car cost, who owns a car, who owns a car, the situation before becoming a celebrity, etc. Many people search Google for information about their favorite celebrities. So a good amount of traffic can be found on this night.

Education: Education is the backbone of the nation, but in Corona's time, various live classes and online learning websites are working as a tool to build this backbone. Students are constantly watching YouTube videos or searching on Google to get information from various websites to solve their various problems. So at present there is a lot of demand for this niche. In my opinion, this is one of the best blogging niches right now.

Health: Health niche is one of the most profitable niches. You can share various healthcare tips and tricks. For this you need to work on fast way and post various tips guide articles on healthcare. If necessary, you can work with the advice of an experienced doctor.

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