Top 5 Free VPN For Android 2022 | VPN Free Download

Top 5 Free VPN  For Android 2022 | VPN Free Download, free vpn for Android

The VPN app helps us to browse online anonymously or secretly. There are also many websites that have been blocked by the government of our country.

But often we need to go to those websites. In this case, we can easily browse the blocked website secretly using the VPN app.

Many gamers use VPN app to change server and keep pinging good. Download speed can be increased with the help of VPN app.

But for that we want a good VPN app. Many times we download VPN app but VPN app doesn't work properly, lots of slow, lots of ads. Due to which we cannot use VPN well.

Again, not using the right or good VPN app can cause you to suffer a lot. So using a good VPN app is very important.

In today's Utopians magazine article we will discuss the 5 best fast, ad free and secure VPN apps. Which you can safely use.

1. VPN Master Lite

I also use this VPN app myself. Because there is a similarity between the name and the work. This VPN app is very easy to use, and very fast and light browser.

This VPN app has the facility to select more than 15 countries or country locations. Which is really awesome. The design or user interface of this VPN app is very nice which will fascinate you.

Beginner tutorials have been added to this VPN app. Once you enter the app, you will be taught all the settings manually. This VPN app is very easy to use. You can connect VPN with just one click.

This VPN app is 100% secure and safe. And best of all, it's completely free. The size of this VPN app in Google Play Store is only 6 MB. There are more than 10 million downloads

2. North VPN

You may have heard the name of this VPN app at least once, or you may have seen its advertisement on YouTube or TV. Yes, this VPN app is so popular that this VPN app is also advertised on youtube or tv.

This VPN app has many fun settings that you won't find in any other VPN app. Many big companies also use this VPN app for their own safety.
Then you can understand how safe this VPN app is. The user interface of this VPN app is very simple and beautiful. This VPN app has many more country locations including Canada, America, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil.

Convenience to connect VPN in just one click. And there is no reason to worry about internet speed. It offers very fast and secure browsing.

The size of this VPN app in Play Store is 16 MB. More than 10 million downloads. So you can safely download this VPN app. I'm sure you will like it.

3. Touch VPN

This VPN app is definitely one of the best VPN app. The Touch VPN app has been winning people's hearts for a long time. This VPN app is so good that many big hackers and programmers also use this VPN app.

I also used the Touch VPN app once. This VPN app does not have many settings. But it is very easy and simple and there are big country locations like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Russia.

The name Touch VPN has a similar function, just go inside the VPN app and just one touch will connect VPN immediately. Fast and light browsing with non-stop network.

This VPN app has a Night Mode Arrow feature that no other VPN app has. So you can download it now. Hope you like it. What will happen? Must be.

4. Proton VPN

When it comes to user security and safe browsing, Proton VPN will be the first. Many of us know that Proton Mail is the most secure and safe email in the world.

This company attaches great importance to the security of the users. So they have created VPN as well as email.

Proton VPN has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. The Google Play Store has over 1 million downloads so far. The number of users is increasing day by day.

Proton VPN's user interface is designed in a very minimalist way. Since ad free VPN so annoying ad will not come in front of you.

Like our previous VPNs, it is very easy to use and you can connect VPN with just one click. There are servers from many more countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Brazil.

This VPN can be used on mobile, laptop, PC everywhere. This VPN app has the facility to customize the theme, the facility to create a profile in your own name.

Give it a try to learn more about this VPN app. You must like it.

5. Aloha Browser Lite

This is basically a browser. Just like the Chrome browser, Opera Mini. So you may be thinking about VPN app, why am I inserting browser in the middle?

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. It could be turned on and off by just clicking when needed.

Then there would be no need to download VPN separately. This browser will fulfill our thoughts. There is a small VPN attached to the address bar inside this browser.

Before browsing any blocked site, just type in the site address and click on the VPN icon next to it. How easy is that, isn't it? I have used this browser myself.

So these were the best VPN apps in our today's article. Install whatever you like. Follow our Utopians Facebook page to get more important and important articles like this. Thanks everyone.

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