Ways to increase followers on Instagram

Are you thinking of ways to increase your followers on Instagram? Well, in today's article I will discuss ways to increase followers on Instagram.

No, I'm not going to discuss any Instagram auto followers or fake followers here. I will tell you how to get real and target audience followers on Instagram in the right way.

Online business is growing day by day and the most suitable platform for this online business is Instagram and Facebook. Because these two social media are used by most people in the world.

But after opening a business account on Instagram for business, it is seen that there are no followers. How to run a business without followers or audience?

So today I will discuss how to find the right business related target audience or followers again. So let's get started.

Post regularly and on time

This point may not seem very important to you but Trust Me Instagram gives more richness to those accounts who post routinely.

Thousands of new accounts are created on Instagram every day. Some of them are active and some of them have no news. So you have to post regularly to make your page active and important.

Regular posting will increase the richness and engagement of your account as well as increase the followers.

You will make a routine, such as: Post one every day at eleven o'clock in the morning. Post at this time every day. In this, Instagram will give more importance to your account.

Use of proper hashtags 

Do you know what Instagram is all about? The answer goes above and beyond the hashtag. One easy way to grow on Instagram is to use hashtags.

What if you don't know what an Instagram hashtag is? So what is our Instagram hashtag? Why is it so important? Read this article. In that article we discussed how to grow a business using hashtags.

You can reach thousands of people with your hashtag on Instagram. For that you need to know the correct hashtag research.

It is almost impossible to increase followers on Instagram without the hashtag Instagram. So read our Instagram hashtag related article right now. All the details are given there.

View your related accounts

Whatever your business, you will find many more business related accounts on Instagram with fairly good followers and success.

You need to go to all those related accounts and see how they are growing their business. Check their profile bio. Check out their posting style or templates.

Follow the same way. Post using beautiful templates like them. Write the bio beautifully. Enter the post caption correctly.

Go to that related page again and go to the profile of all those who liked their post and like one or two of their pictures. They will visit your account, see the post and many will follow.

Reply to comments and messages

If you follow the tips given above, your followers will already start growing. However, it is more important to keep the followers than to increase the followers.

In order to retain followers, you need to maintain a good relationship with your followers. If your followers comment or message, you have to reply in an impressive way.

When replying to a comment, try not to say sir, mam, etc. Always comment on the name of the follower. This creates a close relationship with the follower.

Emphasize the caption

Captions are very important for increasing followers on Instagram. So you have to show your creativity in the caption. No problem, I will help you here too.

Captions should be given in such a way that people share their stories or comment on posts. Below I am giving some caption types. You can give such captions -

  • Ask questions in the caption
  • Write a short story or a personal story
  • Enter a caption of the type "Friend in the tag"
  • Give photo sharing captions

If you use these captions, the richness of your account will increase a lot. Many popular pages nowadays follow this method.

The last word

If you want to increase your real followers on Instagram, you must work with patience. Don't assume that your followers will increase overnight.

Follow the tips I have given above regularly to grow your account. There are various Instagram bots or tools online that you can use if you want.

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