How to do image optimization in a blog post


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Friends, today I will tell you how to do image optimization in a blog post . Because many bloggers or youtubers ask me how to do image SEO ? I wrote this article today to answer their question.

I will share with you the process of image optimization in my blog post . Therefore, read the entire article carefully.

When a website or blog is indexed by search engines, it does not determine the search ranking just by looking for the contents of the blog. In addition to verifying the articles of that blog, all the pictures, videos and other things are also found in the post.

Search engines especially look at the content of blogs like #google, yahoo, bing as well as check all the aspects of the blog i.e. where the blog is. Therefore, if we can properly optimize the image used in the blog, then there is a possibility of getting more visitors from search engines.

Remember, image is an important part of blogging. Because, by posting images on the blog, any subject can be explained in a clear way. Moreover, there are some posts where using image does not give the readers an idea about the post.

Moreover, the search engines also bring all the images of your blog to the search engine in a different way. When you search for a topic in a search engine, you will see that there is an option called Image in the search results. If you click there you will see those search friendly pictures. As a result, there is a possibility of getting more visitors.

Therefore, before adding an image to each blog post, you must optimize the image in a beautiful way . Which many bloggers call image seo (SEO) .

Image Seo: How to optimize image? 

Image optimization for blog posts is actually a very easy task. There are many of us who do not understand the importance of this issue and avoid it. However, Google search engine has suggested to use the image in the post to match the blog post.

We can easily optimize the image for a blog or website by following a few simple steps. To do this, follow the procedure below.

1.Select the correct image

There are many new bloggers who, when choosing an image for a blog, search for images from other people's blogs or from Google, download them and use them in their own blog. As a result, the image used is identified as copyright.

That's why Google can't rank from search engines. You will always try to use copyright free images. If you know the work of graphic design, then create an image as a blog post.

However, if you do not know the work of graphic design, then there are many websites for free image download on the Internet, you can collect images from there and use them in blog posts.

Pixabay is one of the best and most popular free image download websites on the internet . If you want, you can collect pictures from here and use them in the blog. Using the images from these websites will not detect any copyright.

And if you can't collect images by any means, then if you collect images from Google search and edit them with photo editing software and use them in the blog, no copyright will be taken.

2. Use of post related Images

Use images that match the type of article you are writing or that illustrate the subject matter of the subject by image. Suppose you made a post about freelancing. Now use pictures that can be explained about freelancing.

Remember, the subject of the post is one type and the image should not be another type. Always use the related image with the post.

3. Image Size optimize

You will always try to keep the image size small. Because large size images are a problem to crawl in search engines. As a result, web pages take longer to load. The smaller the image size, the faster the page will load.

For this you can use some online tools to optimize the image as you wish. However, when optimizing the image, make sure that the image is clear. Use this online tool to optimize images -

4.Use the Correct Image name

The image you will use for the blog will match the name of the post in advance and rename the image. Most bloggers upload photos with no name.

But Image name has a very bad effect on not optimizing the image. To do this, name your desired image according to the post. When writing the name of the image, you must use a hyphen (-) after each word with a small letter .

5. Adding image alt tag

You must use image alt tags when publishing photos on the blog . Give the title of the post in alt tag. Image SEO or image optimization is done in a beautiful way . As a result, Google search engine can easily understand what the image is about.

What we learn Today?

So friends, today we have learned how to do image optimization and how to do image SEO . If you are a blogger then you must use image alt tags . This will quickly move the images to the image option of the Google search engine and will get the possibility of getting a lot of visitors.

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