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The only source of additional income is passive income . It is possible to earn a good amount of income by lying down at home through passive income.

The advantage of passive income is that you do not always have to work, you will continue to have income even when you sleep. But for that you must invest time, some money.

It is not easy to make income whether it is active income or passive income . You can earn income without doing any work in passive income but you have to work hard to reach that level first.

In today's article I will discuss some of the simplest and best passive income ideas. So let's get started.

What is passive income?
Passive income is a source of additional income. If you work, it is your active income, passive income coming from something besides the job.

An example is a freelance web developer. A web developer will not make an income unless the client hires him.

But if he makes themes of any website and uploads them in Theme Forest or any other site, then many people will buy his themes. It will continue to be so for a lifetime.

In other words, he has created a source of income so that he does not have to spend any time but his income continues. This is basically a passive income.

There are many sources of passive income that we will now discuss.

One of the best ways to make a passive income is through blogging. For blogging you need to invest time and light money first.

But once you can add AdSense to your blog, you will continue to have automatic income from there. You may have seen Add while reading my article.

This blog is the main source of income. Whenever I write this article, whether it is 1 year or 5 years, when someone reads it, he will see the ad and will continue to be my income.

Blogging can be the best choice to start a passive income easily and in less time. So open a blog site now and you can write on the blog about what you like

A YouTube channel can be your lifelong source of income. After hearing the name of the YouTube channel, you may wonder who will take the trouble to make the video?

You don't have to make videos every day, you can make and upload videos whenever you want. You can make videos with whatever you want.

There is nothing wrong with that, just need a good camera mobile and a youtube channel. If you want, you can make a video on facecam or you can make any tutorial with a screen recorder.

Once you monetize your YouTube channel and get AdSense approved, you no longer have to worry about making videos. So YouTube can be another great choice for passive income.

Make a course and sell it
Udemi, Skill Share On these websites, millions of people are making huge profits by selling their skills courses. So why can't you?

You don't need any rocket science or any big skill. If you know any skill, you can make a course with it.

Can you make a good cake? You can make a video detailing how to make a cake, what aspects to look for, and upload it to YouTube, or you can make a course and sell it at Udemi.

If you do a good job teaching people that skill, don't go to the grave with your skill. Teach for free by making videos on YouTube or sell by making courses.

Stock Market Invest
Many people nowadays invest in the stock and stock markets. This is a brilliant idea for passive income.

However, if you want to invest here, you must have good knowledge about these stocks, trading, otherwise there is a lot of risk. You can invest in these with the advice of experts.

Stocks can give you a lot of income. There are many good apps in Bangladesh for investing in stocks and some apps with which you can trade and learn.

I don't want to promote any apps, you will find the cost yourself.

Affiliate Marketing
Amazon affiliate marketing is currently one of the most popular passive income sources. A lot of good earning is possible through Elephant Marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? By way of example, let's say I'm selling a watch online. Now you come to me and say, I will help you to sell your watch.

But if anyone buys your watch from my link I have to pay 5% profit and I agree. This is actually affiliate marketing.

Amazon affiliate marketers provide affiliate links to various products of Amazon sellers in their family members or in their blog posts.

If someone buys that product by clicking on that affiliate link then you will also get profit. If you have a blog that has a good amount of views, then you should try.

There are many more ways to do affiliate marketing. It can be a very simple and effective passive income source.

The last word
If you want to make a good source of passive income, first you have to work hard with time. Don't think that income started after two days today.

If you have skills, there will be no shortage of passive income. A lot of times it is seen on Facebook, invest in cryptocurrency today, you will get so much money tomorrow, this type of post or comment, never go to this.

This is our today's article I hope you will benefit. If you want to know more, you can contact us on our Facebook page or you can comment below, thank you all.

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