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What is Domain Authority - If you are into blogging, you must have heard of Domain Authority and Page Authority, abbreviated as DA and PA. All Google websites have their own separate domain authority. If you also have a site, then that website also has an authority.

As site age increases domain authority, there are many ways to increase domain authority, the best of which are high quality articles, high quality dofollow and nofollow backlinks, guest posts etc., which most bloggers use to increase the authority of their blog or site.

If you have a blog or site of your own, you should also know the correct information about domain authority and page authority, so in today's post you will know what is domain authority or what is DA / PA? What are the benefits of domain authority for a site and how important is DA, PA for a blog, all these questions can be answered in this article.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority, also called DA for short, is an important factor for a blog, the more domain authority a site has, the higher its ranking will be. However, let me say that DA does not mean domain authority for Google. Moz Company is a tool site that gives the domain a rating of 1 to 100. The higher the domain rating (DR) of a site, the higher its ranking in search engines, so you must have noticed that the sites with higher DA / DR More traffic available.

I have said before that the domain authority of each website is different. The authority of the site increases with age, but this does not mean that the rating of the site will increase if the site is too old. Domain authority can be increased when you publish high quality SEO friendly content on the site and much more. By creating very high quality backlinks, you can greatly increase the authority of your site.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

Domain authority is created by Moz company, Page Authority (PA) but marketing analytics company Moz is created. Page authority is also a score that is limited to pages. If you want to rank a blog page as the best. If you want to rank in the position, you need to increase the PA score of that page. 

Because the ranking of your posts is determined on the basis of page authority, it's not just about the pages. Because any post will be ranked in the search engine by the search engine authority. Even if you provide unique and best quality service on the site, your posts can rank well.

How to increase the domain authority of the website 

There are several ways to increase website authority, as outlined below. If you apply these methods to your site, you can increase the domain authority.

Bring organic traffic to the siteWhat is Domain Authority

Organic traffic is the most important thing for a visitor or traffic to a website. This type of visitor is called organic traffic if after searching something in search engines someone finds an article on your site in the search list and clicks there to enter your website. If you want to increase domain authority, try to get users to come to your site organically.

Which means searching on Google and visiting the posts on your site. For that you need to publish a unique and interesting post. If the posts on your site are unique and full of information then organic traffic to the site is available. If the post is different from others, then of course it will rank in Google, it will increase the organic traffic, the domain authority will also increase due to the increase in traffic.

Quality backlinksWhat is Domain Authority

To increase the authority of the website, you need to create quality backlinks from different sites. Remember that you should not take backlinks from any site that has a high spam score, only create backlinks for blogs from trusted sites. By doing this it is possible to increase the domain authority of your site.

Comment backlinks What is Domain Authority

To generate backlinks, you need to find sites where the traffic is high. You need to comment on this type of site and add a link to your website in the comments, so that readers can see your site. Keep in mind that most of the backlinks taken from such sites are nofollow. But there is no reason for tension, because there is a need to have dofollow backlinks as well as nofollow backlinks on the site.

Post guestWhat is Domain Authority

Post guest on various popular blog sites. Now you may be wondering, why leave my own website and post on someone else's website? You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. By posting guests on various popular websites, you can add the link to your own website in the middle of that article. 

What will be the benefit to you, the visitors of that website will come to your website by clicking on the link of your site. Also, if you can give the link of your website by posting guest on popular websites, your web site will get more acceptance from different search engines. As a result, the number of visitors to your site will increase and so will the domain authority of your site.

Share on social mediaWhat is Domain Authority

Create an account in the name of your site on social media platforms. You create a page on Facebook and where you keep sharing the posts published on the blog, by doing this the traffic to your blog will come from there, the followers of the page will increase and your site will gradually become popular. Similarly, you create a page with the site name on different platforms like Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, it will increase your readers, thus traffic will come from different places, blog traffic will increase and domain authority will increase.

Site loading speedWhat is Domain Authority

If your site takes a long time to load, it bounces users back from the site, which in turn increases the bounce rate, it has a bad effect on the site, so pay special attention to its effectiveness. Make the site easy and fast to load. Use the easy and fast loading template on the website, because when the site loads fast, users do not have to wait long and can quickly go to the site and read their work article.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. In a word, it takes time to increase the domain authority, you have to work a little harder. You can improve the rating of the site in the ways described here. 

How to increase the page authority (PA) of a website?

Domain authority and page authority are two very different things. When it comes to improving domain authority, domain authority can be increased as mentioned above. By providing the best and interesting content, you can increase the authority of the page by keeping these issues in mind. While page authority can be increased faster than domain authority, the way to increase page authority faster is to create backlinks through comments on blogs related to your blog when creating backlinks.

How to check domain authority and page authority?

You will find many tool websites to check DA and PA, go to Google and search for DA PA Checker, after that many websites will come up, you can go to any site, there you have to enter the URL of your blog. Just click on check. Then your site's domain authority will publish the score. You can also use the Website SEO Checker site to check domain authority. You will see DA, PA, Domain Age, TB (Total Backlinks) together.

I hope this post helps you understand what is domain authority  and how to increase domain authority. If you have any questions about this article, please comment. Thanks!

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