You already have an Existing AdSense account Problem Solve

You already have an Existing AdSense account, Existing AdSense and how to solve it,  How do Google know that I already have another AdSense account ?

There are many of us who can't fix the problems of Existing AdSense . Today's article is basically for them. Hopefully by the end of the article you will be able to fix this problem.

Many people nowadays make money from Google AdSense. And one of the ways to make money is to sell AdSense approval sites.

Today I will highlight some information about a problem called Existing AdSense and how to solve it. Hopefully by the end of the article you won't find this problem anymore.

How do Google know that I already have another AdSense account ?

Meaning how does Google know you have another Google AdSense account?

The question above and the reason for this problem are the same answer. I am giving the answers or reasons by my own point. E.g.,

1. If you have more Gmail in your name.

2. If your address contains more Gmail information.

3. With the phone number you used - if more Gmail is open.

4. Usually the name, number, address is the reason for the above Existing AdSense problem.

Existing AdSense problem solving

While this may seem like a big deal in general, it is actually a very small issue. And I am pointing out the solution below. E.g.,

1. You will be Gmail with a new name.

2. Please change the address.

3. Try using a fresh number.

4. I hope the problem of Existing AdSense will not come up again if you open Gmail with new name and new address and number and apply again .

Many people ask different kinds of questions. Here are some common questions and I will try to answer them here. In fact, just as there are problems, there are also solutions. One of the questions is,

1. Q: I have never opened Gmail in my name, then why?

A: Maybe you didn't open Gmail, but maybe someone else like your name did. Or your acquaintances with your address. Again, it may be that you did not use Gmail but filled out a form with Google. In fact, it may come online if you have a name in one way or another.

2. Q: How do I get so many names to apply for AdSense?

A: The answer is very simple. For example, take your name Akkas Ali. When you apply, Akkas Ali Akash or Akkas Ali Akash will spell something like this or give something extra.

Problems can occur if your name matches exactly. I hope it will not match exactly. If so, check again.

Last word

I tried to say everything fairly simply. Also, if any of you have any questions, please comment

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