Easy and homely way to loss weight | 25 Weight loss tips

Want to loss weight, looking for ways to loss weight or weight loss tips ? Then this article is for you. Excess weight is a big problem for many of us. Many people may have tried a lot to loss weight, and are not getting any good results yet, many people have tried to loss 5 kg weight very fast or in 7 days without eating.

Leave it at that, the healthiest and long lasting way to loss weight is to gradually reduce it by following a regular diet. Eat less but don't stop eating.

You can easily loss weight if you want. However, in order to loss weight, you must follow some rules and make changes in your daily diet. Only then can you gradually loss weight.

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Ways to loss weight and 25 weight loss tips

In today's health tutorial, we will discuss in detail how much you are overweight, how much you need to loss and how to loss weight.

What is excess weight? (What is Extra Weight)

BMI (Body Mass Index) can be used to determine if you are overweight or obese. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 then your weight is normal.

If your BMI is between 25-29.9 then you are overweight and BMI of 30-35 or higher is considered as obese.

How to diagnose BMI? (How to Calculate BMI)

You can use kilograms, that is, your weight and your height, to determine your BMI. So first you need to know your weight and height. Then you need to convert your height to meters.

For example- Suppose you weigh 80 kg and your height is 5 feet 3 inches. Now if you convert your height from 5 feet 3 inches to meters it is 1.6 meters. Now we have to square 1.6, that is, (1.6 × 1.6) = 2.56.

Now you have to divide your total weight by 2.56, that is, (60 ÷ 2.56) = 23.4.

We already know that if your BMI is 18.5 to 24.9 then your weight is normal, so since BMI is 23.4 here, it is normal to weigh 80 kg at a height of 5 feet 3 inches.

This way you can determine if your weight is normal or if you need to loss weight by determining your BMI.

Why do you gain weight or what causes weight gain?

We need to think about why we gain weight before we loss weight. Reasons- If you know the reasons for weight gain then you can avoid this excess weight gain which is the biggest way to loss weight.

Weight gain can be due to various reasons. Among them, harmful and irregular eating habits and not doing physical exercise or exercise are largely responsible. Below are some of the main reasons.

1. Laziness or physical inactivity

We gain weight when we work less than we should, especially when we are just eating and sleeping. Moreover , not exercising can lead to weight gain.

2. Overeating

One of the bad habits of many of us is eating out. Especially overeating. Eat more than a person needs to eat every day. In particular, eating large amounts of fatty foods. As a result, excess weight continues to increase.

3. Hereditary or genetic

Many people are seen to follow all the rules but still gain weight. This is because of the hereditary influence. If your parents or your offspring are more prone to obesity then you are more likely to gain weight or gain weight. Because some things we inherit.

4. Eating foods with extra carbohydrates

Those of us who eat extra carbohydrate foods are more likely to gain weight. Because, extra carbohydrates help us gain weight. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates. So those who eat a lot of rice every day are more likely to gain weight.

Also other extra carbohydrate added foods increase weight. Such as: popcorn, milk, potatoes, soft drinks, energy drinks, bread, etc.

5. Different types of medicine

We carry a variety of medications at different times for our treatment. Each of these drugs has its own side effects. There are some medications that can cause you to gain weight on a regular basis.

6. Different types of diseases

There are some diseases that can cause weight gain. Weight gain is due to a combination of diseases such as hypothyroidism , insulin used as a result of diabetes , polycystic ovary syndrome and Cushing's syndrome.

7. Eating extra fat foods

Most of us like to eat fatty foods. But these fatty foods are very harmful for all of us. These increase the amount of obesity in our body. Which causes us to gain weight.

8. Harmful aspects of weight gain

Weight gain can be due to various reasons, many of which you now know. Just as weight gain destroys our physical beauty, so too can a variety of diseases plague the body. The harmful aspects of weight gain are discussed below.

9. High blood pressure

Being overweight can lead to bad diseases like high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure, heart attack, nausea and vomiting. Moreover, it can lead to more diseases.

10. Type-2 diabetes

Weight gain can lead to type 2 diabetes. This can lead to excessive thirst, frequent urination, exhaustion of the body and mind, and serious damage to the heart and eyes.

11. Stroke

Excess weight doesn't just affect the body, it's enough to affect your brain. And if it affects the brain, you may have a stroke. So being overweight increases your risk of stroke.

12. Heart attack and heart failure

Excess weight increases the amount of fat in the body. And these fats are a threat to our body. Because it can closs the pores of our heart. This can lead to heart attack and heart failure.

13. Mental problems

Weight gain is not just a physical problem. It also has a big impact on your mental health. As a result , it can lead to a variety of mental problems, including clinical depression , anxiety.

14. Sleep apnea and shortness of breath

Sleep apnea is a major disease. This can lead to many sleep problems in an overweight person. It can also cause shortness of breath. Sleep apnea mainly causes shortness of breath during sleep.

15. Problems with movement

An abnormally overweight person cannot do exactly the amount of work that a normal weight person can do. It will soon fade away. Moreover, the movement will face problems even in every moment of life.

Ways to loss weight | Weight Loss Tips

If you search the internet, you will see that there is a lot of misinformation about weight loss tips and weight loss in our cyber world. Information that has nothing to do with science. Even this information is not proven.

Today I will show you 30 natural ways to loss weight through which you can loss weight very easily. This information is proven and has a consistent relationship with science.

1. Add protein to the diet

Protein plays an important role in your weight loss. Because protein is said to be the king of nutrition. If the amount of calories you consume each day exceeds your needs, you will gradually gain weight.

So you will need more energy to burn these extra calories. You need more protein for more energy. Because only protein can deplete your extra calories.

If you add protein to your diet every day, your metabolism will increase 70-100 times. As a result, you will no longer have the possibility of gaining weight. Your weight will always be in balance. Eggs will serve as high protein for you for breakfast.

2. Processed foods should be avoided

Processed foods usually use extra sugar, fat and calories. Processed foods tend to be more fun which will make you want to eat more of those foods.

These foods are basically a bit addictive. The mind wants to eat again and again after playing once. But because of the extra calories, sugar and fat in these foods, you can gain weight. So if you want to loss weight, you should avoid these foods as much as possible.

3. Eating healthy foods and snacks

One study found that most of the foods we eat at home help us gain weight. Because the food in the house is high in calories and fat.

For example, if we notice that those of us who are out for study, especially in the mess, go home after a long time and eat good food at home for a while. We keep gaining weight. The main reason for this is the high fat and calories in home cooking.

So you can make healthy snacks as a healthy food or snack that can be made at home. Or we can buy and eat many healthy snacks or foods that are available in the market. By doing this we will gradually loss weight. Some healthy foods such as yogurt, all kinds of fruits, nuts, carrots, cucumbers, well boiled eggs, etc.

4. Take a limited amount of sugar as food

Eating extra sugar as a food can lead to various diseases. Such as: heart disease, type-2 diabetes and cancer.

Americans consume 15 teaspoons of sugar per day, and the exact amount of sugar used in a variety of processed foods is not known. Food is imported to Bangladesh from different countries including America. So we should be careful before taking these foods.

If you want to loss weight, you must reduce your sugar intake and avoid foods that use extra sugar.

5. Drink more and more water

The biggest truth is that drinking more water plays a very helpful role as a way to loss weight. Half a liter of water can burn 24-30% of your calories in an hour.

Drinking water before meals will help you loss weight. It will be especially beneficial for those who are middle-aged or elderly.

If you can drink more water instead of a variety of soft drinks or energy drinks, you will easily loss weight.

6. Drink coffee without sugar

Fortunately, coffee is a beverage that contains many important antioxidants and ingredients. Drinking coffee greatly increases our body's energy levels, which helps to burn calories.

Caffeinated coffee increases our body's metabolism by 3-11% and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 23-50%.

Black coffee in particular plays an important role in weight loss, and it contains very little or no calories. Which helps you to loss excess weight.

7. Add Fatty Fish to your diet

Fatty fish means fatty fish, which is a fatty fish that has a lot of oil in it. For example: Salmon, Sardines or Tuna fish.

These fish are rich in protein and omega-3 acids. Which will help you loss weight.

Many people may think that there is fat in these fish. Yes, but many of us do not know that fish fat or oil is very effective for our human body.

8. Liquid calories should be avoided

Liquid calories are usually found in a variety of beverages or soft drinks such as sugar soft drinks, fruit juices, chocolate milk, energy drinks, etc.

This type of soft drink is very harmful to our health especially it increases our obesity which means excess weight gain.

One study found that children and others who drink these soft drinks regularly have an 80% chance of gaining weight.

Moreover, our brain does not give much importance to these liquid calories but rather solid calories are more necessary and important for the body.

9. Drink green tea without sugar regularly

  • Green tea is a natural beverage that is rich in a variety of antioxidants that play an important role in weight loss.
  • There are many benefits to drinking regular green tea, such as
  • Helps to cut fat and helps to loss weight.
  • Drinking green tea will increase your body's energy level by 4% and help to cut 18% fat.
  • Especially for those who are very useful for reducing excess belly fat .

However, Matcha Green Tea is much more powerful than regular green tea, which helps in weight loss as well as fat reduction.

10. More and more different kinds of fruits and vegetables should be eaten

Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy foods that are great as a way to loss weight. Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of water, nutrients and fiber. Fruits and vegetables are one of the low calorie foods. Which will gradually reduce your weight.

One study found that people who regularly ate a variety of fruits and vegetables were less likely to gain weight and those who were overweight began to loss weight.

Everyone has heard about the skin and fitness of the Burmese in our country, if you have traveled to Cox's Bazar you may have met. Behind their flawless beautiful soft skin and fitness is the habit of eating less oil and lots of vegetables.

11. Eat food by counting daily calories

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. There are several ways in which this can be done.

For example, you can keep a food diary or a picture of what you eat every day. Or there are many diet apps available online through which you can calculate how many calories are in each meal. In this way, if you take food by counting the calories regularly, your weight will gradually decrease.

12. Use small plates for meals

One study found that those who used smaller plates for eating usually had lower intake.

The smaller the plate, the less food there is. Then a kind of tendency is created that I have to end up in this food.

Larger plates will create a tendency to take more food. So always use small plates to reduce the amount of food to loss weight.

13. Eat low carbohydrate foods

Another reason for weight gain is eating more carbohydrates. Carbohydrates play a role in increasing our body weight. This is why you should eat low carbohydrate foods.

Always include low carbohydrate foods in your diet plan. Eating fewer carbohydrates and more protein will reduce your appetite so that fewer calories will enter your body and you will loss weight.

The Low-Carb Diet is 3 times more effective than the standard low-fat diet. In addition, the low-carb diet will protect you from the possibility of various diseases.

14. Eat slowly

Eating slowly is another easy way to loss weight. If you eat slowly, less calories will enter the body which will increase your hormone production more and as a result you will loss weight.

If you eat too fast, you will eat too many calories before your body understands. Which will not be good for your body at all.

Rather those who eat too fast are more obese and have a higher rate of weight gain than those who eat slowly.

15. Use coconut oil instead of some fats

Coconut oil contains high fat which is different from all other common fats. Its metabolism is different from other fats. This coconut oil fat will boost your metabolic energy after eating low calorie foods. Which helps in weight loss.

Coconut oil in particular is an excellent ingredient for reducing belly fat. This does not mean that you should use coconut oil in your diet.

However, you can use this coconut oil instead of some other fats. That is, coconut oil can be used as a replacement for other fats.

16. Use eggs in your diet

Eggs are the ideal food for weight loss. Eggs are cheap, low calorie, high in protein and rich in nutrients. High protein foods will help reduce your appetite and will also give you self-satisfaction and will reduce the amount of calories in these foods compared to other foods.

In addition, if you eat eggs instead of heavy parota or heavy bread or roll meal for breakfast every day, you are 75% more likely to loss weight in the next 6 weeks. You can keep your stomach full by eating fewer calories every day. In addition, you will also get high protein from eggs.

17. Add salt or spices to your food

Chili Peppers and Jalapenos contain a substance called Capsaicin. This ingredient will boost your metabolism and help cut belly fat and fat and other body fats.

In addition Capsaicin will reduce your appetite and reduce calorie intake resulting in your weight loss gradually.

18. Use probiotics

Probiotics are a type of live bacteria that will provide many good benefits to your body. These live bacteria will increase your digestive power, make your heart stronger, increase your heart function and above all it will help you to loss weight.

One study found that overweight and obese people had higher levels of gut bacteria, which contributed to their weight gain.

Probiotics bacteria are able to control these Gut Bacteria. This will keep your weight under control.

Moreover, these probiotics will not allow fat to accumulate in your body. Lactobacillus gasseri is one of the most probiotic bacteria that can play a role in weight loss.

19. Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep is very important for your weight loss and it also plays a very effective role in preventing future weight gain.

One study found that those who did not get enough sleep were 55% more likely to be obese than those who did not get enough sleep, and this was more common in most children. Moreover, less sleep reduces digestion.

20. Eat fiber-rich foods

Fiber foods will be very helpful as a way to loss weight. Fiber type foods do not allow your stomach to empty easily. Some fiber type foods contain many beneficial gut bacteria that will help you reduce your obesity or excess weight.

If you do not have any problem then take more of these foods which will help you to loss weight very fast. Some fiber foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, peas, carrots, etc.

Even if you don't get any such calories from these, your stomach will be full, which will reduce the tendency to take extra food.

21. Reduce food addiction

Food addiction is something that stimulates your brain to eat the same foods over and over again. As a result, many people eat a lot of food.

A 2014 study found that about 20% of people suffer from food addiction that causes a lot of harm to their body.

These foods are usually a lot of fun, such as a variety of junk food, fat and sugar foods, fast food, etc. More and more people are addicted to these types of foods.

It would be best if you could save yourself from this food addiction. Then you will continue to loss weight.

22. Exercise regularly

You can do regular physical exercise every day. Such as jogging or running, swimming or cycling, which will help you burn calories. As a result, as you get peace of mind, you will loss a lot of weight.

With physical exercise you will survive many complex diseases. For example, heart disease. Exercise will keep your heart healthy and reduce your body weight. Exercise will gradually reduce your belly fat and body fat.

23. Use whey protein

Baby water or Whey Protein is very important for reducing body fat. Because it contains high protein which helps us to burn extra calories.

If you consume this protein regularly, you can easily loss weight. Your lean muscle will also grow very fast.

Just be careful when using this protein so that it does not contain any sugar or anything unhealthy.

24. Eat low calorie foods

Eat low calorie foods regularly. This is because eating low calorie foods will help you to loss weight gradually instead of gaining weight. So be careful while taking food.

Somehow you should not eat high calorie food. Because as a result, your weight will not decrease but will continue to increase.

High calorie foods are one of the main causes of obesity. For example, burgers, fast food has a lot of calories. These foods should be avoided.

25. Focus on lifestyle changes

Diet or weight loss is something that is not always possible for everyone. The main reason for this is our daily lifestyle.

It is a long process so you have to patiently continue it. Otherwise you will not be able to loss weight.

Follow the rules all the time, not just focus on weight loss, eat healthy foods, avoid high fat, high calorie foods and high carbohydrate foods. Exercise regularly.

Above all, make your lifestyle beautiful. Only then will you be able to loss weight and gain normal physical fitness.

The last word on the way to loss weight

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. If you want, you can easily reduce your fat, obesity or excess weight by following these methods. All you need is willpower, patience and a chained lifestyle.

You will see many flashy advertisements around us for weight loss which cannot be over-enthusiastic. Because these glamorous methods will not only reduce your weight but will also do you more harm. As a result of the side effects of these glamorous medicines, you can get infected with various diseases. So avoid these things.

Here are 25 ways to loss weight if you can follow your weight loss in-sha-Allah.

However, if you do not loss weight, obesity or weight in these methods, then you must consult the relevant doctor.

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