What is a PDF? Rules for creating PDF files

In the past, people didn't know what a PDF was . But now all the documents have to be made in PDF format. Because people love to read all the books, guides, novels in PDF files.

What is a PDF? Rules for creating PDF files, pdf, pdf, pdf

Therefore, it is very important for us to know the identity of DPF at present. Today's article is for those who do not know what PDF or PDF means .

PDF files are available online and offline. PDF file collectors can keep it open for everyone if they want. Again, you can keep it open for reading or viewing only online or offline.

What is a PDF? (What is PDF in English)

PDF is just a format, the full version of PDF is Portable Document Format. This PDF was created in the 1990's to present documents with images.

It is an autonomous application compared to software, hardware and operating systems. It is developed by PDF Adobe Systems.

What is the function of PDF?

PDF is a special file format for storing text, images, and graphics. You can edit and print them whenever you want.

You can use it as a virtual format for various books, documents or notices.

Remember, there are numerous ways to create a PDF. You can create it with any software or application you want, which will depend entirely on you.

When we create a simple book or document with a computer, we use MS Word. Again if you think you can create with mobile, then you can create PDF with Google Docs app.

Rules for creating PDF files

At present you can convert all types of documents in PDF format. You can easily take any document including text, picture in PDF format.

You can do this through various websites or applications. For your convenience, I will name a few applications and websites through which you can easily create PDF files .

The name of the PDF file creation app,

  • CamScanner
  • PDF Marker
  • PDF reader

You can download these apps for free from google play store. 

The name of the website to create the PDF,

You can easily create PDF file through this website.

How to download PDF?

There are many who love to read books. We will get different books for different subjects through pdf file through mobile. Moreover, you can easily enjoy reading these books on your mobile at leisure.

So below I have mentioned the names of some websites through which you can download any pdf book.

These websites are called,


You can download pdf through the above websites.

What we learned today

So, friends, today we know what a PDF is and how to create a PDF file. If you like my article what is PDF article, please let me know in the comments.

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