Google Forms - How to create Google Forms?

Today I will learn how to create Google Forms or what are the rules for creating Google Forms by mobile and computer?

Google Forms is another useful tool like some of Google's other great online free tools.

By which you can create online general forms, online survey forms and most importantly and useful,

With this form for online exam, you can also create exam or exam test form with questions and answers from now on.

Google Forms - How to create Google Forms?

This means that you can create, use and share any online form with these Google Forms according to your purpose.

For this you do not need to download and install any software. And neither the examinees nor the surveyors have to do.

It is a completely free web-based program that users can access from both their mobile or computer devices.

So let's go below, we have not seen step by step how to create Google form and what is the rule of using Google form?

How to create Google Form or Google Form

Step 1: First go to from your mobile or computer browser and search by typing Google Forms there.

Then log in to the Google Forms site and log in or sign in with your Google Account.

Step 2: If you use a mobile phone, after signing in, you will go directly to the Google Form page.

And if you use PC or case, open the new form by clicking > + (to create a new form).

Step 3: So now a page or form will open in front of you just like the picture below. So let's not know what to do step by step,

  • Untitled form : Click here to enter the name of your form first.
  • From Description : Here you can enter the description of the form or special note .
  • Question: Write the question here.
  • Option 1 : This is a multiple choice question, so here is the option to write the answer. You can enter the answer by clicking Option 1.
  • Add option or add Other: If you want to write several more answer options, you can click here.
  • Multiple choice: You can see the box next to the question where Multiple choice is written. From this box you can select different types of answers. Like,

Short answer


Multiple choice (now selected)


File upload

Liner scale

Multiple choice grid

Checkbox grid



So you will find here all these types of answers which you can choose and use as per your need.

Required: If you want to ask a question and answer section of this Google form, then click on it. This means that the examinee, surveyor or those for whom the form is being prepared must fill this section.

Step 4: Let's see how to use the small icons next to it and how to send it after creating this Google form.

1. First you can see the Plus or + icon. Clicking on this will allow you to add another question.

2. The second page you can see the icon by which you can import the previously created questions here.

3. The use of the T symbol means you can add new titles and descriptions.

4. You can add photos or images to this form with Gallery or Photo icons.

5. YouTube videos can be added to this form by searching for videos using the Play or Video icon or by following a video link from another platform.

6. You can add a whole new section by the two small block symbols that you see at the end of it all.

Step 5: So after creating a Google form like yours at the end of all, click above> Send to share or send it .

There you will find different sharing options like Email, Link and Embed HTML.

Step 6: Now you can see how many people have answered this form or filled the form, what kind of form it is and how many are right and wrong etc. You can see all these things in the above> Response tab.

Our last word

So now you know in a nutshell what these Google Forms are and how to create Google Forms.

This is the same rule that we learned above for creating and sharing Google Forms from both mobile and computer devices.

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