How to delete names and numbers from Truecaller

If you feel that uninstalling the Truecaller app from your phone,   all your data has been deleted from Truecaller's servers. In that case, let me tell you that you are making a big mistake. It still remains  the same on Truecaller  's  servers  . And it will stay there until you delete it. But now the question is how to delete the name and number from Truecaller? To do this you need to  take the help of Truecaller Unlist  . And allows you to permanently delete your details information from Truecaller's servers.

ow-to-delete-names-and-numbers-from-truecaller, How to delete names and numbers from Truecaller

Truecaller Unlist

Those who have already learned   how dangerous it is to use Truecaller . They must have uninstalled this app from your phone? But the problem is that uninstalling the app will not delete all your data from Truecolor's server. Because once you have the Truecaller app installed on your phone, then whether you use it or not, keep it on your phone or delete it, it doesn't matter anymore. Because as soon as you install the app, your data is uploaded to Truecaller's server. For this reason, even if you uninstall the app, your data remains on TrueColor's server?

If you need to delete your data from Truecaller's server, the only way to do this is Truecaller Unlist. Now the question that may arise in your mind is what is this  Truecaller Unlist  ? And how do we delete our data from TrueColor's servers? 

what is Truecaller Unlist?

Truecaller Unlist  is a special feature of Truecaller that allows you to delete all your data from Truecaller's servers. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Because it   depends entirely on the will of Truecaller . You can only request Truecaller to delete your name and mobile number from their servers. But whether or not to delete the data is a matter for Truecaller. Neither you nor I have any control over it. In that case, there is no guarantee that your details will be deleted from Truecaller.

Because there are a lot of people who have requested to delete their data a few times, but all their data is still on Truecaller's server. Even then we have no choice but to make the request. In that case, this is the only way to delete the name and number from TrueCaller.

How to unlist Truecaller

Now the question is how do you delete your name and mobile number from Truecaller? You have two options for this. The first is  to disable or deactivate your Truecaller account . And the second option is to unlist your name and mobile number from Truecaller. The first option is for people who have  used the Truecaller app on their phone  . And the second option is for people who  are not Truecaller  users, but from someone else's contact list, their number   has been uploaded to Truecaller's server . Here we will tell you about both the options.

How to disable Truecaller account

  • If you have  used the Truecaller app  , first go to your smartphone or tablet and open the Truecaller app. And click on the hamburger menu (three dots) icon in the upper left corner. 
  • Then  Truecaller  's menu will open in front of you. Then scroll down a bit and click on the Settings option. 
  • Clicking on the Settings option will open the Truecaller settings page in front of you. Then scroll down a bit and   click on the Privacy Center Option
  • Then scroll down slightly from the Privacy Center page and click on the Deactivate Option.
  • Now a pop-up window will open in front of you. Here you will see that By Deactivating your account, your data will be deleted. Do you wish to Continue? You click on the Yes Button.
  • As soon as you tap on YES option, another pop-up window will open in front of you. Once you deactivate, you will not be able to control your name on Truecaller. Are you sure you want to deactivate? Then click on YES option.

Unlist Contact Number

If you have never  used the Truecaller app  yet. But even then your name and mobile number are showing up on Truecaller. Then it must have been added to Truecaller's server from the phone contact of a friend or relative. In that case, you can unlist your name and mobile number information number from Truecaller. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • First, open any browser on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. And copy and paste the link below or click on this Link Directly.

Clicking on this link will take you to Truecaller's website.

  • Here you must first enter the mobile number you want to unlist with the country code (+088) in the blank space below the Phoner Number. And then fill in the captcha and click on the  Unlist button. One thing to keep in mind, you must add your country code with the mobile number. 
  • As soon as you  click the Unlist button , a pop-up window will open in front of you. In which you will see Are You sure You want to unlist your Phone number? This means you can no longer use the app. Then click on your Unlist button.
  • As soon as you click on the unlist button you will see a message on a screen. You will see that it takes 24 hours to unlist your name and mobile number from Truecaller's server. So you have to wait 24 hours.

Many people say that  Truecaller Unlist page is not working or the page is not accessible. This means that  Truecaller Unlist Page  is not working properly. Also many people search on Google that  Truecaller Unlist page is not working  . But the bottom line is that you are visiting the wrong page. That means you are clicking on the wrong link. Above we have given the link of the correct page, if necessary visit.

Last word

Truecaller Unlisting will only delete your name and mobile number from Truecaller.

Your other information such as your device ID, geo location, apps data, IP address, usage history, IMSI, network information, browser data, call logs, messages and hundreds of other information will always remain on Truecaller's server.

We hope you find out more about Truecaller Unlist through this article. If you still have any questions about this topic, please let us know in the comments box.


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