What is Netflix? Netflix Free Account

Netflix | Netflix Free Account

I think you / I or we are all very familiar with the name. Because, currently the largest Ott Platform / OTT platform in the world this " Netflix " also those who do not know what is Netflix? They may already know a little bit about the benefits of social networks, but it is possible to watch any type of TV episode, starting from movies, using Netflix.

What is Netflix? Netflix Free Account

What is Netflix? Netflix Free Account

It is an American entertainment company founded on August 29, 1998 by Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, USA. While Netflix may not have been popular with the general public at first, it is now quite popular. Netflix is ​​currently the number one OTT platform in the world. According to Wikipedia, Netflix's total assets as of 2019 are more than $ 33.975 billion.

What does Netflix do? Netflix Free Account

Netflix is ​​a streaming service organization. Which offers award-winning TV shows, movies, animations, documentaries and much more to the general public at low cost on thousands of Internet-connected devices.

Features of Netflix: Netflix Free Account

  • Facility to watch unlimited number of movies, web series and TV episodes from huge catalogs.
  • Finding movies, web series and TV episodes centered around a specific country.
  • The facility to create a maximum of five profiles under one account. As a result, without having to create additional accounts, one account can be used by friends and family alike.
  • Different way for kids to watch and search videos. As a result , the chances of 18+ videos not appearing increase several times.

Netflix original and other videos can be previewed. As well as the convenience of getting notifications before new movies, web series and episodes arrive. Netflix also has many more features that can be used to entertain at low cost.

The downside of Netflix: Netflix Free Account

Netflix is ​​not open to all countries. Netflix can only be used by people in a select few countries.

Netflix streaming with low internet speed is quite difficult. Remember that Netflix determines the value of video streaming based on your internet speed.

Consumes more data than other video streaming platforms.

For example:

  • (Low) Basic Video Quality - 0.3GB
  • (Medium) Standard Video Quality - 0.7GB
  • (SD) Standard Definition - 1GB
  • (HD) High Definition - 3GB
  • (4K) Ultra High Definition - 7GB

[According to Netflix data, the above data costs, streaming only one hour can result in user costs. ]

• To use Netflix, you need a minimum version of 5.0 or higher for Android.

How to use Netflix: Netflix Free Account

• First download and open the Netflix app from Play Store or App Store.

• Then click on “ Join Free for a Month ” button and select specific plan and click on “ Continue ” button.

• Then select Payment Method with Email and Password.

• Then click on “ Start your membership ” button with Payment Information .

Netflix plan and subscription fees:

• Mobile - 3.99 (monthly)

Basic - 7.99 (monthly)

Standard - 9.99 (monthly)

Premium - 11.99 (monthly)

Netflix Payment Method:

You can use a credit or debit card to buy any plan from Netflix. PayPal is also used, but in this case PayPal must be available in certain countries .

Netflix Payment Method: (Bangladesh)

You can buy specific Netflix plans from Bangladesh, using a credit or debit card.

Netflix ratings and reviews:

Netflix currently has a rating of 4.3 / 5 on the Play Store and has over 11 million reviews. Besides, the app store has a rating of 3.8 / 5 and there are more than two and a half lakh reviews.

Netflix download: Netflix Free Account

You can download the Netflix official apps from the Play Store or App Store.

Netflix Free Account

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Last words:

Netflix is ​​rising to the top of popularity day by day. This is because: epidemic coronavirus and to meet the needs of low cost users. With the advent of the Corona virus, Netflix has more than 16 million new users. As well as delivering their plans at low cost and all the interesting movies, web series, award winning TV episodes to the average user, Netflix is ​​in a position today. According to Netflix authorities, the plans will be cheaper in the coming days and more quality content will be available to the general users.

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